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The last piece is in for the self-training course of videos. We’ve now added:

Lesson 5: & PhoneGap Capabilities

In the video, we show how to take advantage of the PhoneGap API with ready-to-use “device services” and data mapping in the app builder. For this lesson, we build a simple contacts app and go through the steps of testing it in an Android emulator.

Here is the complete set of lessons from the video page on our help site:

  • Lesson 1: The UI Builder
  • Lesson 2: Data Mapping to a Service
  • Lesson 3: Using the Database Service
  • Lesson 4: Web Service Caching
  • Lesson 5: & PhoneGap Capabilities
  • Lesson 6: A Windows 8 App with the Twitter API

Each lesson links to a YouTube video. For each lesson there is also a link to a backup ZIP of the finished lesson app, which you can open as a new project within

We’ll be updating the series soon, so chime in with any suggestions

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