Uploading Files to the Appery.io Database via a Plug-in

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Uploading to the cloud

Mobile developers often face the need to upload binary files, such as images, to the database. For example, this could happen in an app like Instagram, where a user takes photos with the device’s camera and then publishes it to their followers. Of course, all the data — including images — should be stored in the database, so the user can sign in from any device and see his or or her feed.

Another possible case for uploading images is sending an MMS (multimedia message) from your app, which can be done via the Twilio API. Twilio accepts a direct URL to an image. A user takes a picture with the device and uploads it to the Appery.io database. Then, a direct image URL is passed to the Twilio API.

In Appery.io, there are three ways to upload files to the database :

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OAuth 2 Template: Plug-in for OAuth Authentication by Appery.io

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OAuth 2.0 protocol is now the most popular authentication protocol for apps. By using OAuth protocol, you can securely authenticate with a variety of popular services what will increase app functionality and cover a much larger target audience.

The Appery.io App Builder has a large number of useful and convenient mobile development tools for rapidly creating Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. Today we are glad to present another feature that significantly helps with the OAuth 2.0 authentication routine – the OAuth 2 Template plugin.

OAuth 2.0

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Appery.io and Auth0 Join Forces To Simplify Mobile App Development With Identity Management

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Building mobile apps with identity management wasn’t simple, until now. Auth0, a cloud service that eliminates the friction of identity for your app, and Appery.io, the only cloud platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services, are collaborating to make this happen. With the jointly created Appery.io Auth0 plugin, you can simplify identity management integration for your app, and this post will show you how.
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Build a multi-language app in Appery.io

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An app that has multi-language support is always better than the same app that supports just one language.  Appery.io app can be easily upgraded with multi-language support by using the i18next plug-in. This post will show you how to do it.


There are few steps to add the multi-language support:

  1. Download i18next.js from the i18next web-site and upload it to WEB_RESOURCES folder in Appery.io app builder.
  2. Create folder structure that corresponds to i18next structure and upload translation files in JSON format:
  3. UI components that should be translated must be marked with special attributes: data-i18n, and data-i18n-target. Read more about it in our detailed tutorial.
  4. Initialize the plug-in via JavaScript specifying needed options as initialize language (can be retrieved from the browser or device language) and fallback language. Fallback language is very handy feature and it’s define what language should be used in case of missing language or translation.

Downloading of translation files will take some time on initial app start up. There is no need to create any preloaders as all the files will be loaded automatically. It’s a good idea to use launch images to show that the app launching/loading. Once the translation files are loaded, properly marked components will be automatically translated accordingly to the initialized language.

To build an app with multi-language support, try the multi-language tutorial and read the i18next documentation.

Exadel’s Appery.io Partners with Edmunds for Developer Challenge at SXSW

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What better way to kick off Appery.io’s partnership with Edmunds than with a developer challenge at one of the world’s most forward-thinking conferences? We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Edmunds to speed innovation on the Edmunds API Platform.  To kick off our partnership we are inviting developers to create their apps and demo them at the Edmunds booth at SXSW Interactive for a chance at winning great devices, sponsored by Edmunds.  

As part of our partnership the companies have already collaborated to create an Appery.io plugin that makes it simple to integrate Edmunds car data into mobile apps that simplify the car buying experience for consumers.

“Exadel is thrilled to announce its partnership with Edmunds and believes this challenge offers developers the opportunity to win great prizes by using two platforms that value simplicity and effectiveness,” said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel. “All contestants need to do is incorporate Edmunds API, which is free, using Appery.io’s platform. We are looking forward to seeing the demos at SXSW.”

“We’re pleased to be launching a partnership and developer challenge with Exadel’s Appery.io, especially at an event like SXSW, which inspires innovation across so many industries!” said Ismail Elshareef, Senior Director of Open Platform at Edmunds. “We’re most excited to see the developers’ apps in action and how they integrate Appery.io and the Edmunds API to create mobile offerings that simplify and improve the researching and car buying experience for consumers.”

Appery.io and Edmunds make development so easy that an app showing consumer reviews of any car model can be built in less than 7 minutes.

If interested in participating, please sign up and find the resources you will need at https://appery.io/edmunds.  Be sure to come see us at Mashery’s Circus Mashimus Lounge (Room 3 at the Austin Convention Center, near the main entrance of Trinity Street) open 1-6 PM on Friday March 7 and 9 AM – 6 PM from Saturday March 8 to Monday March 10.

Stay updated on SXSW activity by following @apperyio, @Edmunds and @Mashery and contribute to the challenge using the hashtags below:

  • #EdmundsApperyio – the official hashtag for the challenge
  • #CMLounge – the official hashtag for the Mashery Lounge

Good luck and see you in Austin!

Appery.io + Salesforce: The Tools to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps Fast

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We just made it incredibly easy and fast to build enterprise mobile apps connected to Salesforce API with the Salesforce Mobile Pack for Appery.io. Appery.io has two plug-ins that make it super easy to connect to Salesforce:

  • Salesforce OAuth API – this plug-is includes everything you need to connect to the Salesforce API via OAuth 2. Examples include Salesforce API, SOQL, and Chatter API
  • Salesforce Contacts API Sample App – this plug-in includes the OAuth 2 implementation plus a Contacts sample app. The mobile web app allows you to view, edit and create new contacts on Salesforce using the REST API.

A step by step tutorial shows how to import and use the plug-ins.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 1.31.42 PM

Adding Salesforce plug-in

The Salesforce Contacts API Sample App has a complete app that allows to view and edit contacts in your Salesforce account. Use this app to learn how to use Salesforce API or as a starting for your app.

The Salesforce OAuth API has everything you need to get started. It includes a number of examples to get you started: using Salesforce API, using SOQL, and use Chatter API.

The Appery.io drag and drop visual app builder makes it incredibly easy to build or modify the app UI. You simply drag and drop components into the phone area. For example, editing the edit contact page from Contacts app:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 1.36.56 PM

Visual drag and drop editor

You are not limited to what the plug-in provides. You can build any app UI using the visual editor and connect to any Salesforce APIs. Here is an example defining a service that connects to Salesforce:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 1.48.53 PM

Salesforce API

Our guide shows in detail how to setup any Salesforce API service.

By combining the power of Salesforce and Appery.io dev. tools – we just made it super easy to build enterprise mobile apps entirely in the cloud. Visit https://appery.io/saleforce for a special promo code for Salesforce developers.


Originally posted on Maxa blog. 

Read News, Get Information about the Latest Music, Movie, and Book Reviews with the USA Today API Plug-in

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Our new USA Today API Plug-in allows you to read news from different categories offered by USA Today and get information about the latest music, movie, and book reviews. Also, you can find top salaries for different sports leagues. Read the rest of this entry »

Find Out about Tech Companies around the World with the CrunchBase API Plug-in

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This API allows you to interact with the huge CrunchBase database. (What is CrunchBase? CrunchBase is a free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.) To make it easier to use the API to make mobile apps in Appery.io, we created a plug-in with some ready-made services (interfaces) for using the CrunchBase API. Read the rest of this entry »

Interact with NY Times Best Sellers Search Data Using Our NY Times Best Sellers Search Plug-in

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We’ve just made the NY Times Best Sellers Search API plug-in available. The API allows you to interact with NY Times best seller data. To make it easier to use the API to make mobile apps in Appery.io, we created a plug-in with some ready-made services (interfaces) to use the NY Times API. Read the rest of this entry »

Discover Everything about the Weather with the Wunderground API Plug-in

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The Wunderground API allows you to receive information about weather conditions, forecasts, historical information about weather, etc. To make it easier to use the API in Appery.io, we created a plug-in with some ready-made services which use the Wunderground API. Read the rest of this entry »