How to Integrate Stripe Payments with Web and PWA Applications |

From now on, you can quickly add the built-in Stripe plug-in to your web or PWA application. The plug-in integrates the Stripe payment method to your application and enables users to make purchases. This plug-in works through API Express, which ensures the security of your Stripe API key.

How to Resize an Image in Your Application |

In our latest tutorial, we explain how to resize images in your app. It’s really simple – find the Resize Image plug-in in the catalog, configure it, and start modifying images’ widths, heights, and sizes according to your needs. Participates in the Black Girls CODE & GM Hackathon


In October 2020, the platform was selected as the primary technology stack for the Reimagining Black Futures virtual hackathon organized by Black Girls CODE(BGC) and General Motors (GM).

The hackathon’s theme revolved around Afrofuturism — a concept that merges African culture and history with elements of science fiction. Several high-profile guests attended the event, including renowned historian Tyree Boyd-Pates and New York Times Magazine culture writers Jenna Wortham and Kimberly Drew.

Over the course of three days, #futuretechbosses from the Bay Area, Detroit, and New York City developed social justice-focused application concepts and software platforms. 

Prior to the hackathon, Alexander Ancipov from the team held a series of workshops to teach the participants how to use the app builder. During the event, Alexander answered the girls’ questions via email, Slack, and the hackathon forum and helped them solve technical challenges.

When the pitch day arrived, the students presented their ideas to a panel of judges from several IT companies. The winning project was Rooted — a mobile application that connects Black professionals with HR specialists from technology companies in Silicon Valley. Apps like Rooted could potentially help Black youth fill the 1.4 million computing jobs created in the United States in 2020. is thrilled to have been part of the hackathon and is looking forward to collaborating with BGC in the future. We strongly encourage our colleagues from the IT industry to take a leadership role in gender and racial equity.

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From now on, you can read CSV files and display their content on both web and mobile applications created in Watch our new tutorial to learn more about the CSV Reader plug-in that does all the work for you.

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If you need a secure application with an HTTPS-only protocol, then you’re in the right spot. Check out our new video and learn how to redirect your application from an HTTP to HTTPS protocol by installing the HttpToHttps plug-in from the development team.

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Converting your Google site and creating a mobile application using the platform is really easy. Alexander from the team demonstrates how to do it just by making a backup of a website and adding it to

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If you’ve ever wondered how to convert your website into a mobile app using, you can learn in four minutes just by watching our new tutorial. We’ll give you all the tools you need to have your app published on Google Play or the App Store.