New: API Express Now Avaliable For Standalone Deployment

Posted: February 5th, 2016Author:

We’ve got some exciting news to share:  API Express is now available as a standalone deployment.  As you know, API Express enables enterprises to easily and securely access enterprise databases using REST APIs. Many enterprises are interested in creating REST APIs for their back-end systems so that they can be accessed from other applications including mobile or desktop apps. API enables this capability by allowing you to modernize legacy systems without re-writing them, making them accessible through mobile apps. However, our latest updates not only allow you access to enterprise databases, but other systems which are accessible through HTTPS protocol.

API Express BlogOur new standalone deployments of API Express enable new users to:

  1. Deploy API Express Standalone on premises behind their firewall in order to meet their IT polices. Due to API Express being deployed this way, you can securely access your enterprise system while still leveraging the rest the platform from the cloud.
  2. You do not have to purchase our complete platform now that API Express is standalone, yet you are still able to easily modernize backend systems with RESTful APIs.
  3. One of our key new features to API Express is our Enterprise and Java Services. You can now conveniently develop and deploy a service of any complexity that has any underlying enterprise system behind it to expose services in any form.

Not only does API Express Standalone allow you to modernize your legacy systems, it can also:

  • Save you time and money – you do not have to out-source a developer to create an app to provide a REST service; has already provided you with this. Instead, you simply fill out a form to specify what you want inside the REST service. Being able to complete this service yourself makes API Express Standalone a user friendly, and cost-effective process.
  • API Express as part of our group platform is limited as cloud is a public service, however, API Express Standalone has the ability to change our current limitations, and the hardware systems that is deployed giving you complete control.
  • You are also provided with secure access to such databases through our direct connection, this provides a portal to the information behind database firewalls for faster access.

More information about API Express can be found here





Development Tip: Using Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud SQL with API Express

Posted: February 3rd, 2016Author: API Express enables enterprises to easily and securely integrate apps with any back-end system. Recently, the Appery team has published two guides on how to create databases with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud SQL and then use them with API Express. If you are new to API Express, start with this beginners tutorial. It shows you how to create services based on API Express models and perform CRUD operations.

Check the API Express documentation, and make sure to check out all of our mobile development tips.

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In Case You Missed “Getting Started with App Builder for Ionic/AngularJS Apps”

Posted: February 2nd, 2016Author:

A recording of the first webinar in our 2016 webinar series is now available. It introduces you to the App Builder and how to build apps with Ionic/AngularJS.

From this video, you will learn:

  • How to create a new Ionic app
  • The various views inside the App Builder for Ionic and AngularJS
  • How to build an app connected to a cloud database:
    • Building the app UI using the Design view
    • Mapping data between scope and services using the visual Mapping view
    • Binding data between scope and page using the visual Binding view
  • How to test the app quickly in the browser

Check out the video now:

To learn more how to build apps fast, go to our YouTube channel.

You can still sign up for our next webinar (tomorrow), “Getting Started with App Builder for jQuery Mobile Apps”!

Development Tip: Using Server Code Plug-ins and Snippets for Quicker Code

Posted: January 27th, 2016Author:


Using Server Code snippets and plug-ins are a great way to save time when making server scripts. Instead of digging through the Server Code documentation, you can simply choose one of the snippets located on the right side of the screen in script editor mode. The set of snippets provided by the Server Code API are the most common, but if you think of other useful snippets, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Server Code plug-ins are another way to save time when implementing your logic. To find Server Code plug-ins, go to the Server Code page and then to the Plugins tab. For now, there are two plug-ins. With them, you can quickly integrate with the Twilio or SendGrid API via XHR (XMLHTTPRequest). Simply click “Import” to create the server script based on the plug-in selected, and then customize it by specifying your API keys.

Make sure you check out all of our mobile development tips.

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Uploading Files to the Database in AngularJS Apps

Posted: January 26th, 2016Author:


To help developers with uploading their files to the backend, we have just released the Files Upload plug-in for AngularJS (both Bootstrap and Ionic).This process uses the Input component with afile type. You can click Choose File to select the needed information to enable it appear as list on the page at the end. To upload all files click Upload all, or for single files select Upload selected.

A quick note about configuring the plug-in: the database requires a sessionToken for uploading files to the database. To make the plugin simpler to use, use the Master Key.To configure this plugin you should provide the ID of the database that you will be using to store the files, and select the Master Key instead of sessionToken.

However, please keep in mind that for security reasons, we recommend you use sessionToken instead of Master Key.  This plug-in is configured to work with the database, but it can be modified to work with any other API provider that allows for file uploads. You will need to change the upload REST API and update any parameters.

As usual, we’ve prepared a detailed tutorial for this plug-in, which you can find here.

If you have any problems with this plug-in or with file uploading in, contact our support team for assistance.

Independent Developer Creates Successful Motorway Cam App

Posted: January 25th, 2016Author:

placeit (1)“It’s crazy just how fast I can build an app using, but what is even better is that I can push the same app to Android, IOS, and Windows Phone with very little work. The speed of development was astounding.”

An independent developer with limited coding experience, has successfully created the Motorway Cam App that has over 40,000 downloads from the IOS and Android app stores.’s ability for customization, and our easy-to-use platform has enabled the developer to build coding into the background. This has allowed the developer to design the app to preform as intended instead of following pre-designed templates.

Not only has’s easy-to-use platform enabled the developer to create two other Motorway Cam Apps for Netherlands and Spain, our updates have allowed the developer to introduce the AUTOCAM feature. This feature takes the user’s GPS co-ordinates, and direction of travel to provide them with 4 live camera feeds so that they can view current motorway traffic conditions.

Click here to view the full case study.


Development Tip: Using Snippets and Shortcuts for Quicker Code Editing

Posted: January 20th, 2016Author:


Snippet to invoke a REST API

A snippet is a pre-made and reusable section of code that can be quickly inserted into your own code. It is a convenient and time-saving way to pull frequently used functions.

A recent update has introduced a new snippet – Invoke REST API ($http).  Invoke REST API ($http) is a wrapper for Angular’s($http) and can be used to send AJAX requests. This snippet is described in more detail here.

Shortcuts, like snippets, can save you time. A shortcut allows you to type a few characters that expand into the corresponding code. For example, type $Cg and then press Ctrl+Space or Cmd+Space to quickly add the Config.get function. The shortcut will be translated into:

You can find the whole list of shortcuts here.

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Start developing with our trial plan! News: Happy 2016!

Posted: January 19th, 2016Author:


Happy 2016!

2015 was a great year for, and we’re looking forward to another fantastic year in 2016!

In 2015, we hit some amazing milestones, including:

  • Surpassing 300K users (see below)!
  • Adoption of into educational curriculums at over 1K academic institutions worldwide!
  • Selection as a 2015 top 100 global Red Herring winner!

As the new year unfolds, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2016!

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New in New Ionic Components and Templates, New API Express Components, and Server Code Plug-ins and Snippets

Posted: January 18th, 2016Author:

The team is starting 2016 with new and exciting updates and improvements to the platform!

App Builder enhancements

The latest update brings some cool features to the visual App Builder.

New Ionic components

Two new UI components for Ionic were just released: Card and Text.

The Card can be used to visually separate information on a page. It allows for more control and flexibility, and can even be animated. This new component is based on Google’s Card UI design.

The Text component can be used to conveniently place any custom text or AngularJS expression (wrapped with {{...}}) on the page.

The Ionic Button has obtained new property – Icon Only. It makes a button look like an icon. This property converts a button to an icon by changing Icon Style and Style properties, and ignoring the Text property.

It’s now possible to copy and clone components in the App Builder. To create a full copy of a UI component with all nested children, (including other components), click the clone icon on the top right of the component:


Cloning a component

Ionic page templates

When creating a new page in Ionic, you can choose a blank page or a page with ionContent. The blank page is a simple page without any extra components. Use it when you don’t need to make any special adjustments to the scroll or scrollbar settings. The page with ionContent is a multi-tool page with a ion-content directive and many settings provided by Ionic. Use it when you need to make flexible adjustments to page scroll behavior.

You can find more detailed templates description in our docs.

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How to Expose an Existing SOAP Service as a REST API

Posted: January 14th, 2016Author:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.04.07 PM

API Express visual editor API Express make it fast and simple to connect to an enterprise data source and expose it via a REST API. With API Express you can quickly create an API for:

  • A relational database
  • A WSDL service (SOAP)
  • An existing REST API

In this tutorial, I’m going to show how to expose an existing WSDL service as a REST API and then build a mobile app using the API.

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