Mobile Resources You Should Know in 2017

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Happy New Year!

As we are starting 2017, we want to let you know about all the resources available to you, to help you build you app faster and easier. These resources are being updated with new content all the time, so we definitely recommend subscribing to updates or following them. This way you will be always up to date with what is happening. Let’s get to the resources.

Developer Documentation and Portal (

The docs site is the most important resources (obviously). The docs site contains the platform documentation, tutorials, and API reference section. We regularly update the content on this site. If you find a typo or an error, please use the Suggest Edits feature to tell us about it.

The docs site has a blog section ( where we usually post technical information such as API updates or library updates. The information is usually very technical and specific so it doesn’t go on the main blog. We will also post links to tutorials and videos.

The blog (

The blog is one of the most important resources you should read. This is where we post platform updates, announcements, new videos, new tutorials, case studies and anything else. We definitely recommend you follow the blog to stay up to date. Following the blog is very simple. You can subscribe via the RSS feed or subscribe via email (you will get an email every time a new post is published).

YouTube Channel (

This is our most popular resource. Our YouTube channel has over 200 short videos on various topics to help you build apps faster. Definitely subscribe to get updates when we publish new videos. The videos are organized into playlists:

Most of our videos are no longer than 15 minutes. This allows you to learn about a topic, feature or benefit very fast and you won’t be bored through an hour long example.

Community Forum (

Our community forum is the place to get help, ask questions and help your fellow developers.

Platform Status Page ( platform status page shows each platform component and its current status. It’s important to bookmark or follow this page via RSS to always know the status of each component.

Twitter (

Twitter is where we post important announcements, platform updates, new tutorials, case studies, new videos and anything else. We recommend to follow up on Twitter to always stay up to date.

Facebook Page (

Facebook is very similar to Twitter. On Facebook we post important announcements, platform updates, new tutorials, case studies, and new videos. We recommend to Like us Facebook to always stay up to date.

LinkedIn Company Page (

On our LinkedIn Company Page we post announcements, new tutorials, case studies, and new videos.

Google+ Page (

Yes, we are still on Google+ :).

Instagram (

This is a new resource and we will be posting a lot more in 2017.

What’s New Panel

And a bonus resource is our What’s New panel. The What’s New panel can be opened from any platform page from the header. The panel shows you the most recent updates, tutorials, and videos. Check this resource often to learn what’s new.



App Metrics You Need to Know: A Guide for Mobile Developers

Posted: January 13th, 2017Author:


A guest blog post by Vasily Malyshev (Messapps)

Perhaps the best way to run a business is to run it mathematically. Knowing all your business metrics will allow you to not only better predict your revenue but also understand what you can do and how much you can invest to further multiply your revenue. In my role as CEO of an app development company, Messapps, I have worked on over 50 different applications and found that knowing the following metrics is absolutely essential if you want to be a successful “appreneur”.


What it is: Number of downloads represents the number of unique app store accounts that have downloaded your app. That means that if the same person downloads the app 10 times it will still be displayed as 1 download. The exact number of downloads is always shown in your app store analytics.

Why it is important: Ok, that’s a no-brainer. How many people download your app is the most basic and the most important metric. If downloads are at 0 then all other metrics simply don’t exist. You need to get those users first in order for your app to start earning money. No matter which monetization method you’ll choose.

That being said, it is important to note that number of downloads can also become completely meaningless if nobody is using the app after the initial download.

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GoCodes Extends Asset Tracking Solution to Android Devices With the Help of Platform

Posted: January 12th, 2017Author:

GoCodes provides a complete patented asset and inventory tracking solution that harnesses the power of cloud-based software, smartphones and QR codes. When GoCodes launched in 2012, their mobile apps were limited to HTML5 browser technology and lacked the power and ease-of-use of true mobile apps.


Moving From HTML5 to True Mobile App

Fast forward to 2015 when GoCodes was looking to develop the next generation of mobile asset tracking apps. They turned to to provide a powerful and easy-to-use development tool that could cut development time in half and enable existing team members to quickly get up-to-speed without any special training.

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How to Use Geolocation In An Ionic App: A Quick Video Guide

Posted: January 9th, 2017Author:

This short video shows how to use Apache Cordova Geolocation API to get latitude and longitude data in an Ionic app.

Watch other Ionic videos on our YouTube channel.

Learn How to Get Complete Contact Information with FullContact API

Posted: December 30th, 2016Author:

FullContact Developer APIs such as Person API, Company API, Email API and others can provide social profiles in an app, improve contacts in address book, enrich CRM information, and create marketing campaigns.

To make it simple to use FullContact API, we created a Server Code plug-in that quickly creates a script to invoke the Person API. You only need to set the FullContact API key. The following animated GIF shows how to insert the FullContact plug-in and its script:



Once you set the API key, it’s fast to test the script and the API. Switch to Run tab to test the script. The script comes with a sample email. Feel free to change the input data.


Testing FullContact API


You can also set the email as a script parameter. Update the script code to look like this:

and then add the parameter on Script parameters tab.

Using a Server Code plug-in for FullContact API it’s fast and simple to invoke the Person API. Using this plug-in as a starting point, you can update the script to include other API parameters or use other APIs. November 2016 Newsletter

Posted: December 21st, 2016Author:

November 2016 newsletter.

Platform News

We just launched a new platform status page, which allows you to check the platform status any time.

Our Apache Cordova library update with iOS 10 support is coming along well. We will release this update in the first two weeks of January (instead of in December).

Released at the end of November, our platform update included stability, performance, and scalability improvements. We also updated the JavaScript engine used by Server Code. Want to see our roadmap? You can always check it out here. Platform Overview: A Guide for Mobile Developers

Learn about platform features and benefits from this short video. This is a great guide for mobile developers, whether they are existing developers or just starting out. Watch the video now.

A Quick Guide for Setting Up and Invoking the Salesforce API

In this blog post you will learn how to build an app that connects to Salesforce API. After a login into Salesforce, the app will display a list of Salesforce objects available in your account. The complete app has the following components:

  • App UI (client)
  • Server Code for server-side logic to handle OAuth flow
  • Salesforce account and app to access the data in your account

Read the entire blog post.

New Habit: iOS App Built on the Platform With Ionic and Backend Services

An customer has built New Habit, a wonderful iOS app using the platform. Read about his app and how he built it. Videos

We have close to 200 short videos conveniently organized into playlists. Check them out.

Sample Apps

Do you know that we have sample apps for SMS, email, camera, barcode scanner, and others? A sample app has a UI and a backend preconfigured so you can quickly run the app, show it as an example, or use it as a starting point. Check out the apps today.

Update to Library Version Used in Your jQuery Mobile App

Please read this blog post to learn if you need to update the library version used in your jQuery Mobile app.

A Quick Guide to Using Geolocation in Your Mobile App

Posted: December 13th, 2016Author:



Geolocation is one of the most widely used APIs in mobile apps today. From weather to Uber and Lyft, the device location is crucial information and many APIs use it to determine what services and products are available in a given location. When building a mobile app in, using the Geolocation API is simple. Apache Cordova library is built-in in every new app. Invoking Geolocation will return the latitude, longitude (and other) information which can then be passed to any REST API. The following two short videos show how to use and invoke Geolocation in an Ionic and jQuery Mobile apps:

Looking for more videos like that? Check out our YouTube channel for many more videos.

New Platform Status Page

Posted: December 8th, 2016Author:

We are happy to share with you that we launched a new platform status page – Now you are just a click away from knowing the most up to date platform status. You can also subscribe to updates via RSS. platform consists of a number of components. With the new status page, you will be able to know if any particular component is not working properly. This is important, as instead of getting a general platform status, you now know the exact status for each component.

Check out the platform status page now. Platform Features and Benefits: A Guide for Mobile Developers

Posted: December 5th, 2016Author:

This video provides a high-level overview of the Platform. Using just one-slide, the video goes over the major platform features and benefits. Whether you are new or an existing user, this is a great video to get an overview how to build apps on the platform.

New Habit: iOS App Built on the Platform With Ionic and Backend Services

Posted: November 29th, 2016Author:


Christophe Bruchansky, an customer has built a wonderful iOS app using the platform. Read about his app, how he built it, and install it on your iPhone.

New Habit is a free iPhone app that aims at giving you that little boost you need to stay motivated. Choose between five personal goals, such as enjoying the present moment, feeling the love, or being more healthy. And get a daily digest of inspiring questions to ask yourself, motivational quotes, articles, and videos. In less than five minutes, a virtual life coach will guide you through three daily inspirations and give you that feeling of completion.


New Habit app.

It is based on the Ionic framework and developed using the platform for both the front-end and back-end. rapid development platform helped reduce development time, with Javascript code that works both on iOS and Android.

For backend services, the app uses Push Notifications, cloud database, and Server Code for server-side JavaScript app logic. The app integrates with Aylien API which is used for sentiment analysis and deep learning technology to provide the most relevant and positive articles on the web. The app also integrates with YouTube API for its videos.

Many health and wellbeing apps overwhelm their users with tasks and information to read, making them arguably more frustrated and self-obsessed than before. New Habit aims at being simple and satisfying, at opening a bit people’s horizon and helping them to have a more holistic approach to their personal goals.

Christophe said:

My belief is that people need to get more positive influences in order for them to stick to their resolutions. I thought I could create an app that gives the same sense of satisfaction than mini-games, but with a purpose, something people could actually use to changes their lives.

To install the app and learn more, please visit the following links: 


App Store:


Twitter: @newHabit_today