We Released New Template: Facial Recognition

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to Appery.io‘s lineup of powerful app-building tools – our Facial Recognition App Template! This comprehensive and user-friendly template streamlines the process of creating a camera-based facial identification application, making it ideal for businesses and organizations that require this advanced level of security and attendance tracking.

With this template, tracking employees or students has never been easier – and the benefits don’t stop there. The app is also designed to help detect unauthorized access to sensitive areas and office security perimeters, all while collecting valuable data that can be used for marketing and sales purposes.

And the best part? You can create your app from the template in just a few minutes and customize it to suit your needs. We even have instructions to guide you through the customization process, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Check out this section to find out more.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your organization’s security measures or simply streamline your attendance tracking processes, the Facial Recognition App Template from Appery.io is the perfect solution. Try it out today and experience the power and convenience of this cutting-edge app-building tool for yourself!

Meet New Template from Appery.io: Offline Map App

We are happy to present another new template, Offline Map App, that is designed to help with creating a mobile app that will allow downloading maps with further using them offline.

The template is made simple and easy to use. To create it, you will only need to log in to your Appery.io account (if you are new to Appery.io, here is the link where you can sign up to try us for free), and create your own offline map by selecting the Offline Map App under the Templates tab:


In a moment, you are almost ready for testing the app on your device (this app is operating with a native API, so it cannot be tested in the browser):

But if you want to go further and customize it (it is actually a template and was created for customizing), here are the detailed instructions that explain how to do it.

As a result, you can end up with a unique and attractive UI that will definitely stand out from all similar apps out there:

Hot! Ionic 5 Custom UI Components App Template is on!

New to Appery.io? Want to build your first app with Ionic 5? Then we highly recommend that you start with our ready-to-go Ionic 5 Custom UI Components App Template. In this template, you can find all Ionic 5 UI components currently presented by Appery.io. You will be able to review all of them in detail and customize any component according to your needs.
Check out our instructional YouTube video to learn how to work with this sample app:

Bonus: we have also added new library versions: jqm 5.3, ionic 4 1.2 and ionic 5 1.1 so new Cordova Android 10.1.0 and Cordova iOS 6.2.0 are now available to our customers.

Social Authentication Examples for AngularJS and jQuery Mobile

User login/registration is one of the most common features in a mobile app. Permitting login with existing credentials that users have from social networks can significantly simplify the authentication process and improve the user experience.

User Login Registration Examples for all project types (jQuery Mobile, Ionic, and Bootstrap) has just been updated with social authentication functionality. You can use those examples to quickly set up your app with the social login feature or see how it’s built to implement your own.


To create an app from an example, click Create new app > From example and choose the example you want from the list of available examples.

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User Registration Example App for Bootstrap and Ionic with AngularJS

Example of a login box

User login/registration is one of the most common features in a mobile app. With Appery.io Database’s built-in user management feature, adding a login and registration capability to an app is very fast and simple. We know that developers love examples and so we created a ready-to-run app available in the App Builder that shows how to do that. In fact, we created two examples: one example uses Bootstrap and another example uses Ionic, both based on AngularJS.

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OAuth 2 Template: Plug-in for OAuth Authentication by Appery.io

OAuth 2.0 protocol is now the most popular authentication protocol for apps. By using OAuth protocol, you can securely authenticate with a variety of popular services what will increase app functionality and cover a much larger target audience.

The Appery.io App Builder has a large number of useful and convenient mobile development tools for rapidly creating Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps. Today we are glad to present another feature that significantly helps with the OAuth 2.0 authentication routine – the OAuth 2 Template plugin.

OAuth 2.0

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