Building a Native App with Ionic, AngularJS, and

For years, developers had to make a choice: build a single hybrid app with a so-so user experience, or build a native app for each platform with a great user experience. Developers don’t have to make this choice anymore. By integrating the Ionic SDK into, developers can build enterprise HTML5/hybrid apps on a single code base that offer a native experience across all platforms. The platform’s visual tooling lowers the skills barrier, empowering a broader base of developers and business analysts to create effective and intuitive mobile applications.

In this tutorial, you will use the platform to build a mobile app. The tool set includes:

  • Ionic – native-like UI components
  • AngularJS – UI logic/binding
  • App Builder – cloud-based drag and drop designer
  • Backend Services – API backend for the app

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The Hybrid vs. Native Question Answered: Appery & Ionic


The debate between developing hybrid vs. native apps has been going on for a long time, and while it’s sure to continue long into the future, the argument for the hybrid model is getting stronger every day.

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User Registration Example App for Bootstrap and Ionic with AngularJS

Example of a login box

User login/registration is one of the most common features in a mobile app. With Database’s built-in user management feature, adding a login and registration capability to an app is very fast and simple. We know that developers love examples and so we created a ready-to-run app available in the App Builder that shows how to do that. In fact, we created two examples: one example uses Bootstrap and another example uses Ionic, both based on AngularJS.

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Introduction to Ionic


Here at, we’ve recently introduced support for the Ionic Framework in our App Builder, giving users an even more powerful tool for creating functional and beautiful app UIs. Between our recent update with AngularJS and Bootstrap, and now Ionic, we’re working hard to make better than ever.

The platform, with its support for Apache Cordova (i.e. PhoneGap), Bootstrap, and AngularJS, among other frameworks and services, was already great for building hybrid apps quickly and easily. Now, with Ionic support, it’s is even stronger. Ionic is a front-end UI framework that handles all of the look-and-feel and UI interactions your app needs in order to be compelling, with support for a broad range of common mobile components, smooth animations, and beautiful designs.

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Video: How to Build an Ionic App Connected to a Database