How to Use Google Maps in an AngularJS App

Like standard UI elements, such as buttons, input and text areas, the App Builder also provides a convenient and ready-to-use Google Maps component for your AngularJS apps. This component contains a large set of visually configurable properties and entities like markers and windows.


There is a lot of help available for you to get the most out of this component. We’ve got detailed guides, a modularly organized tutorial, and our always helpful support team.

Google Maps for AngularJS can be used in both Ionic and Bootstrap projects. There are two places where you can find detailed descriptions of this component: for Bootstrap and for Ionic UI components.

We’ve also prepared a step-by-step tutorial that shows usage examples and the most common use cases of the AngularJS Google Map component. It covers:

  • Showing the user location via Geolocation service on the Google Map
  • Adding multiple markers
  • Showing a separate window on a click
  • Adding multiple markers from database
  • Showing traffic layer
  • Showing directions for point A to point B

The tutorial is organized into distinctive sections, so you can implement only the features you need in your app. Also, there is an app backup attached in each section, so you can quickly create the needed app in a few clicks:

  1. Download the backup.
  2. Click “Create new app”.
  3. Click “From backup,” name your new app, and select the project backup file.
  4. Click “Create”.

We hope this info will help you quickly add a Google Map to your AngularJS apps, but, if you’re having any issues, you can always contact our support, who will do their best to help you.