Students Learn Important Technology Skills and How to Build Mobile Apps

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“I must say thank you to,” said Charles Fergins, a High School educator and graduate student in Southern California. “Teaching application development has been tough, but also very rewarding, and is something that could not have been done without the team at”

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Building mobile apps with identity management wasn’t simple, until now. Auth0, a cloud service that eliminates the friction of identity for your app, and, the only cloud platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services, are collaborating to make this happen. With the jointly created Auth0 plugin, you can simplify identity management integration for your app, and this post will show you how.
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Mobile is Causing a Shift in the Enterprise

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CIO Magazine recently wrote a thought-provoking article about the power shift in the enterprise between IT and the Lines of Business (LOB) when it comes to mobile and I’d like to provide our perspective. The editor used the news of our partnership with (see page 2 of article) to show evidence that mobile development, traditionally an IT function, is moving to the LOBs.  As you may have heard, launched the “Mobile Pack for” and positioned it as a way to reach out to a much broader base of developers, including business users, to innovate on the on the Salesforce Platform.  We’re quite excited about this partnership and believe there is a very large opportunity to enable developers in the LOBs to innovate. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Mobile Apps With For KidSenz

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Guest Post by Ambika Pajjuri from KidSenz

Hello fellow developers.  I am founder of KidSenz, a company that delivers news videos and blogs in a kid safe environment, and wanted to share my experience with

I was looking for a product that let me bring my app to life fast and in the most cost effective way. Instead of learning native programming languages and environments, I wanted to use HTML5. The idea was to build a Beta product as soon as possible to help figure out what works and doesn’t so we could pivot and iterate fast, before launching into production.

I tried a few tools including Sencha, Brightcove and that enable the use of HTML5 for mobile app development.  As a novice to mobile apps, I found to be the easiest and most user friendly development environment.

The features I found very useful include:

  • drag and drop, re-size, element nesting capabilities and built-in defaults  significantly reduced the learning curve so I could focus on the business problem.
  • I didn’t have to deal with the CSS since it was generated.  This enabled me to focus on creating a good app rather than the code behind the scenes.
  • provides out of the box support to attach to various backend options such as SendGrid, Twilio, Parse, AT&T, and Singly via REST API – this is in addition to support for their own database.
  • Support for custom Javascripting and HTML that makes it easy to add functions when out of the box support does not exist.
  • Automated generation of the iOS/Andriod/Windows apps to get them to the app-store/marketplace with Phonegap
  • Easy to use test and demo environment
  • Access to the native capabilities via Phonegap – I have not used this capability so far.
  • Cloud based development and backup

The KidSenz app I created delivers a number of educational videos in various categories along with associated blogs and a simple quiz (more details when we launch since we are currently in Beta trials).

Working with has been a great experience.  The documentation has been good with plenty of examples. What I like best is the availability of examples to work with various backends. Last but not the least, support from has been outstanding. They respond quickly to issues and helped ease qualms about working with a cloud based system.

TechCrunch: Cross-Platform App Maker Launches Windows 8 Support

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TechCrunch coverage of new Windows 8 support:

Eliminating Flickering When Navigating Between Pages

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Earlier we blogged on how to eliminate flickering on Android when navigating between pages. This is a follow up post with additional tips.

There are plenty of different questions/solutions on how to resolve the flickering problem. We think the following is a pretty good general solution.

In the original post we mention Android but have heard since then that it also happens on iOS devices.

To resovle the flickering problem, add this JavaScript to your app (Project > Create New > JavaScript):

Just in case you need to target a specific OS, you can modify the code like this (shown for Android):

Once you add this code, you need to use only the Default transition for navigation. If you use any other transition effect, you will get back the flickering.

The next thing you can try is to hide the Ajax loader (shown on service invocation and page transitions). Project > Create New > CSS and enter this code:

This should make transitions even smoother.

Lastly, you can also try what jQuery Mobile team suggests (see Important section in yellow).

Let us know if these workarounds work for you.

Developer Revenues: The Dilemma and the Opportunity of In-app Purchase and Carrier Billing

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Read David Schoenbach’s article on how developers can make money:

Developer Revenues: The Dilemma and the Opportunity of In-app Purchase and Carrier Billing on FoxBusiness, BetaKit

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Exadel’s David Schoenbach was in­ter­viewed today on FoxBusiness about, our mo­bile app de­vel­op­ment plat­form. Here’s the clip for that news segment:–25-2012/?playlist_id=87237

David’s in­ter­view is at the be­gin­ning (about 6–7 minutes).

Also check out coverage on BetaKit: DYI App Startups Provide New Opportunities For Non Developers

Amazon Phone?

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Exadel VP Consults Magic 8 Ball about Coming Amazon Phone.

OK. Exadel’s VP for Product Management, David Schoenbach, prob­ably didn’t use a magic 8 ball to figure out the im­pact of the Amazon Phone. Even without any magic aids, David does make quite a cred­ible ef­fort, though, to di­vine the mo­bile fu­ture in a Venture Beat guest post that came out today. It starts out like this:

For all we do not know about the new Amazon phone, we do know one thing for sure: It’s from Amazon. Based on the company’s track record, we can make some ed­u­cated guesses about what’s in store and how Amazon’s ru­mored smart­phone may im­pact app development.

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Written by Team

Web Hosting Search - 2012 Best Mobile App Builder

Mobile devices are now more powerful than what the industry offered before. It can now be used as an alternative to your desktop, offering almost the same amount of functions. You can bring your mobile devices wherever you go as long as you have the applications that can solve your problems. With this, the demand for apps constantly grows and as this happens, cloud services make the management of infrastructure easier for the users making it more attractive for them. Cloud based applications continuously capture the interest of the market.

While it seems complicated to build a cloud based mobile app,, a service developed by Exadel that captured our interest with their previous web prototype builder, now offers the easiest and fastest way to create mobile app for HTML5. is an easy-to-use builder as it does not require installation and easily connect to any cloud services using REST. An interesting builder that is loved by many professional developers and beginners because of the support and helpful tutorials it provides. It also lets developers use REST API for their apps and build a beautiful mobile UI. offers an easy way to export your app to mobile web and the app source code. Last month, announced that SendGrid is now available as API Plugin for their app builder. You can send outgoing messages from your mobile app using this plugin.

Web Hosting Search team is proud to announce that becomes part of our list of Best Mobile App Builder in our directory. was established year 2000 and started looking for recommended tools since 2008. The inclusion of was based on the number of suggestions from our web development team and community.

“Welcome to our community!” –WHS Team