Webinar: Building Windows 8 Apps with Appery.io Platform

Join Max Katz, Appery.io developer evangelist, for this quick review of how to build a Windows 8 app using the Appery.io app builder. Then, in an expanded Q&A session, Max will hold “office hours” to answer any questions you might have about Appery.io.

When: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/214517057

Appery.io Updates its New HTML5 App Builder with Windows 8 Support, plus jQuery Mobile 1.2, PhoneGap 2.2, and Push Notifications

Windows 8 Support

Windows 8

Appery.io new HTML5 app builder has been the default builder for the past couple of weeks and we continue to update it with new features. One such feature is new Windows 8 support. In addition to jQuery Mobile/PhoneGap apps, you can now build Windows 8 apps with native support such as Snap View, Search Charm, Share Charm, and Live Tile.

To create a new Windows 8 app, click the “More create options” link from the Apps page and then select Windows 8 App as the app type. Try our Windows 8 app tutorial.

jQuery Mobile 1.2

We also upgraded to a much better jQuery Mobile version 1.2.


PhoneGap 2.2

We also upgraded PhoneGap to version 2.2. This means Appery.io cloud build has also been upgraded to PhoneGap 1.2:


If you use Appery.io Mobile App Tester for Android – go and grab an update so it also uses the latest PhoneGap version.

Push Notifications

A long requested feature – Push Notifications feature has been added to Appery.io Backend Services.


Want to try it? Try our new Push tutorial.

New Tutorial: Building a ToDo App with Appery.io Backend Services

Build this app and learn how the app builder is fully integrated with backend services.



TechCrunch: Cross-Platform App Maker Appery.io Launches Windows 8 Support

Webinar: Building Windows 8 Apps with Appery.io

The latest Appery.io mobile app platform allows you to build Windows 8 apps for tablets and desktops with native Windows 8 support. This support includes special Windows 8 capabilities such as Snap View, Search Charm, Share Charm, and Live Tile! Join our webinar to learn how build Windows 8 apps with Appery.io.

When: Thursday, December 13, 11am Pacific Time
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/611432329.

Build Windows 8 Apps in the New HTML5 Appery.io App Builder

Yesterday we told you that we launched the first beta of our new Appery.io app builder. The new app builder is designed with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. In addition to jQuery Mobile support, we have also added Windows 8 support. Now you can build Windows 8 apps for tablets or desktop entirely in the cloud.

When creating a new app, click More create options:

then select Windows 8 project template:

this is how the new builder looks after creating a Windows 8 app (with some components on the screen):



Do keep in mind it’s still a beta so some features might now work yet.