New Videos about Local Storage, Geolocation, and User Login/Registration

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We recently published a number of new videos:

Building a Mobile App with User Login and Registration
This webinar shows how to build an app with user login and registration using the Database user management feature. The webinar also shows how to create a Server Code script to track each user login. The history of logins is then displayed in a page.

Creating Translator Mobile App with Local Storage
This video shows how to build a language translator app using Translated API and local storage

Creating a Mobile App with Geolocation
This video shows how to use Cordova Geolocation API

Happy Thanksgiving from the Team to everyone who is celebrating!


How to Test Your iOS App Using

Posted: November 18th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: iOS, Testing | Tags: , | Comments Off provides a number of ways to test your mobile app. For mobile web apps, you can quickly test your app in the browser (mobile or desktop). If your app uses native APIs, you can use the Mobile Tester App to test native features without installing the app on the device.  We want to show you another  quick way to test your iOS apps. is a cloud-based service that allows you to test iOS apps in the browser. By uploading the .app bundle of your iOS app to you can test the app in a desktop browser including the native features. For each uploaded app generates a unique link that can you can use to test the app or share with others. For example, you can upload your app and send it to your team for testing purposes. On the backend, launches a virtual iOS simulator and sends you a link to it (that’s pretty cool!)

This is how the app looks when tested on

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New Videos: New UI Themes, Page Templates, Using The Customer Console, and Farmers Market Search App

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Check out some of the new videos we recently posted on our Youtube channel:

Get New UI Themes For Your App

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We just published a bunch of new UI themes. We took all our existing themes and updated them to look modern and flat.


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Fast Dynamic Image Processing in Your Mobile App with Sirv

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Images are integral part of any mobile app UI. A frequent requirement is to process the images; for instance, make the image smaller for a particular device screen size. Such processing could be done on the client, but requires additional code and likely will effect app performance. A better solution is usually to process the images on the server where it is much faster and also gives you more options and flexibility. Sirv is a cloud service that does just that. Sirv and have joined forces to show you how easy it is to use advanced image processing when building your app in

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Students Learn Important Technology Skills and How to Build Mobile Apps

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“I must say thank you to,” said Charles Fergins, a High School educator and graduate student in Southern California. “Teaching application development has been tough, but also very rewarding, and is something that could not have been done without the team at”

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Building a MusicShop App Using Model and Storage

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Recently, the App Builder was updated with several significant features. One of the most important and fundamental changes was the introduction of Model and Storage notions. To show the best practices of using these features, we created a MusicShop app and step-by-step tutorial which describes in detail how to build such an app from scratch. This tutorial also has a MusicShop app backup attached to allow you to pay more attention to Model and Storage usage (you shouldn’t create the app step-by-step in this case, just create it from the backup).

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Turning Off Support for SSLv3 – POODLE Security Vulnerability

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As you probably know, a new attack called POODLE security vulnerability breaks SSLv3 secure browsing. To protect your information from being intercepted, spied upon or modified by attackers in between you and the service provider, we have stopped using the unsecured SSLv3 protocol and now only use the more secured TLS protocol.

Video: New Features in – Model and Storage

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This video shows:

  • Understanding the new Model and Storage feature
  • We create a model for Wine object
  • We define storage (local storage) to store the wine list
  • Build a mobile app that shows a list of wines loaded from a database. Clicking on a wine takes you to that wine details
  • We also show a finished Todo-like app that runs entirely on the client

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Video: Building a Mobile App With Database in 5 Minutes

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This 5-minute video shows how to create a simple, yet real mobile app that talks to an API backend.