Maintenance Window on December 24/25

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We will be upgrading the platform and want to let you know about the following maintenance window:

  • The Backend Services (Database, Server Code, Push Notifications) will not be available from 12:00 AM Pacific Time until 1:30am Pacific Time (Dec. 25) 
  • The App Builder will not be available from 10 PM Pacific Time (Dec. 24) until 8 AM Pacific Time (Dec. 25)

We will be updating the system with a number of new features, including enhanced team management and performance enhancements, in addition to bug fixes.  Stay tuned for more about these enhancements.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our community forum, or email. For latest updates, please follow us on Twitter (@apperyio) and Facebook. Featured in Web Development Podcast

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Start Here Web Development Podcast Logo

“I really like this type of idea. It’s like, let’s make this as simple as possible for people, and let’s create the most complex possible outcome.”

Keith Monaghan and Dain Miller, hosts of Start Here: Web Development, on was discussed in the Dec. 8th episode of Start Here: Web Development, a podcast, “dedicated to encouraging and providing you resources to help you start and build your career in web dev.”

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Top Three Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Three things

Enterprises are adopting mobile technologies at an unprecedented rate. As Business News Daily recently reported, 1.3 billion workers will go mobile by 2015, and with that massive number, the need for enterprise mobile apps can only skyrocket.

With that increase, many mobile app developers will be called upon to create internal mobile enterprise apps. These apps have many requirements and considerations that differ from the typical app destined for the public app stores. In this article, we will take the top three challenges and share some tips on how to meet these challenges:

  1. Security
  2. User Interface
  3. Choosing a Development Technology

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Fima Katz Talks about Implementing Bimodal IT

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Surfing the wave of mobile demand with bimodal IT, a top online source for business insights into software, recently published an insight from Fima Katz, the CEO for Exadel, makers of In this short informative piece, Fima discusses the bimodal IT approach that helps enterprises answer the question of how to make apps in a timely way to meet the wave of ever escalating demand for more and more mobile access to the enterprise. Fima quickly covers the approach and then lists the key elements for a successful plan using mobile app development tools to implement a bimodal IT strategy.

New Videos about Local Storage, Geolocation, and User Login/Registration

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We recently published a number of new videos:

Happy Thanksgiving from the Team to everyone who is celebrating!


How to Test Your iOS App Using

Posted: November 18th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: iOS, Testing | Tags: , | Comments Off provides a number of ways to test your mobile app. For mobile web apps, you can quickly test your app in the browser (mobile or desktop). If your app uses native APIs, you can use the Mobile Tester App to test native features without installing the app on the device.  We want to show you another  quick way to test your iOS apps.

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New Videos: New UI Themes, Page Templates, Using The Customer Console, and Farmers Market Search App

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Check out some of the new videos we recently posted on our Youtube channel:

Get New UI Themes For Your App

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We just published a bunch of new UI themes. We took all our existing themes and updated them to look modern and flat.


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Fast Dynamic Image Processing in Your Mobile App with Sirv

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Images are integral part of any mobile app UI. A frequent requirement is to process the images; for instance, make the image smaller for a particular device screen size. Such processing could be done on the client, but requires additional code and likely will effect app performance. A better solution is usually to process the images on the server where it is much faster and also gives you more options and flexibility. Sirv is a cloud service that does just that. Sirv and have joined forces to show you how easy it is to use advanced image processing when building your app in

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Students Learn Important Technology Skills and How to Build Mobile Apps

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“I must say thank you to,” said Charles Fergins, a High School educator and graduate student in Southern California. “Teaching application development has been tough, but also very rewarding, and is something that could not have been done without the team at”

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