April Release: iOS Build, New Components, Updated jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap Support, and More

The Appery.io team keeps making the great even better, as you can see in this latest release of Appery.io Mobile App Builder. New features include everything from iOS binary builds to updated support for jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. Read on to find out more.

iOS Binary Build

Now you can build iOS binaries directly from Appery.io. Just build it and send off it to the App Store to publish your app.

New Components

For this build, we’ve added two new UI components.

Date Picker

This component pops up a calendar when a user clicks into a field to enter a date. The user can then fill in the date by selecting from the pop-up calendar.


This component displays different subsets of items (like images) inside a panel. The user can page through these items manually using buttons or by just sliding a finger on the screen to either side.

Support for All jQuery Mobile Component Properties

Without having to use JavaScript, almost any extra property can now be added to UI elements using the More Properties editor for any UI element. In this example, an icon and icon position is being added to a button:

Data Mapping Improvements

Now we have complete service data mapping support for all mobile UI components in Appery.io.

Upgraded PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile

We know you don’t want to fall behind in using the most current stable version of 3d-party libraries in Appery.io, so we make it an important part of our update planning. Here are the current supported versions for PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile:

  • PhoneGap 1.5.0
  • jQuery Mobile 1.0.1