Great News: “Autoupdate” Plug-in is added to Apps

There is another great news we are happy to share with you today: the Autoupdate plug-in has been added to all apps and is ready to be used.

Adding this plug-in is simple and requires zero effort on your part to set it up. But when added, it just gets the job done. 

The idea behind it is as simple as it can possibly be:

  • You add the plug-in to your app and publish it so that your users can install it on their devices.
  • Next time you need to make changes to your app you just make them and push the app updates.
  • With the next app run on the device, the plug-in automatically detects there is a new update on the server and lets the end user make decisions on whether to download it from the server and then install it on their device or postpone this action:
Autoupdate plug-in

Autoupdate plug-in on the device

Please check out our document here to learn how to work with the Autoupdate plug-in.