Newsletter (March 2017) – Platform Update, Stored Procedure as an API and Sending Faxes

The March newsletter.

April Platform Update

In early March, we rolled out a third platform update for 2017. This was a small update consisting of primarily infrastructure updates and bug fixing. Here is a short list of new benefits:

  • Upgrade to MongoDB version 3.2. This version improves stability and performance for the Database
  • The API Express SDK test page is now using the Ace Editor instead of a plain text area. This will help with better output formatting
  • The API Express service test page has been updated with larger output areas (JSON output). It’s now easier to view the service response
  • The scheduled job execution time limit for Server Code is now the same as the regular (non-scheduled) script execution time limit
  • The Plugins tab and its content has been moved inside the Apps tab. A plug-in is always created from an app so it makes sense to list the plug-ins inside the Apps tab

How to Send a Fax Using the Twilio Fax API

Twilio launched a new API that allows sending faxes. From the very start the platform made it very simple to connect to any external REST API. We love the Twilio API and their Fax API is just as elegant and simple to use. In this blog post you will learn how to send a fax using the Twilio Fax API from a Server Code script. It’s fun.

How to Expose a Database Stored Procedure and a Function as a REST API API Express makes it easy to expose a SQL query as a REST API. Just as easily you can expose a database stored procedure or a database function as a REST API. The following two blogs posts will teach you how to do that:

If you would rather watch a video on how to do this, here is an 8-minute video on how to expose a stored procedure and a function as a REST API.

Learn How Helped Deliver: HABITat, an AI-powered Personal Change App

As the market has filled up with trackers of daily habits, Enkr8ia was looking for a cost-effective and intelligent solution to go beyond the tedious stats. Demand for a clean interface and off-line support was prioritized as well as a virtual coach that would require some tricky API integration. Learn how Enkr8ia used the platform to build their app.

From Our Services Team: How We Try to Make Our Customers Happy

Read the blog post on how the services team works.

Plus, learn how the services team reduced Server Code script testing by 50%.