Cutting Server Code Script Testing by 50%

Testing your mobile app is hard. You need to test the app UI (client) and app backend.

The Services team has built hundreds of apps for our clients and to help testing the app backed has come up with a powerful testing approach and tool.

In this blog post you will learn about this approach.

The services team has successfully developed and used a tool to streamline unit testing of hybrid mobile apps that are hooked up with Server Code scripts. Server Code allows to develop custom server-side business logic (using JavaScript) without the need to build or maintain server infrastructure.

It is common for a Server Code script to access and query the Database. This tool gives the benefits of testing such scripts without impacting the database. On top of that, supporting data driven testing by this tool empowers streamlining resources for regression checking. In addition, the time-consuming database “dropping and recreating” is a thing of the past.

The tool has a GUI and a set of shell scripts integrated with the platform via REST API services. GUI for testing Server Code scripts

GUI for testing Server Code scripts

The testing preparation is as easy as preparing valid input parameters and verifiable output results.

Once everything is configured, testing is started by clicking the Run button and can be completed as many times as necessary.

Since all the communication is done using JSON format, updating input parameters and reviewing outputs can be easily done with a built-in text editor.

Using this tool testing is done twice as fast.

Right now this tool is used by the Services team. If you would like to use it for testing with your app or learn more, please email us.