10 Reasons to Use Appery.io to Build Your Next Mobile App

10 Reasons

Appery.io is the only cloud-based mobile platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services (MBaaS). With Appery.io, you can very quickly build responsive web/HTML5 apps and mobile apps, complete with UI and backend logic or data. Here are just 10 of the many  reasons why our customers use Appery.io for their mobile apps.

1. Develop in the cloud

Appery.io is cloud-based, which means there is nothing to download, install or maintain, plus you can develop from anywhere. Start building your app in a few minutes by focusing on your app, not the tooling. Because your projects are in the cloud, collaborate easily with team members while leveraging role-based permissions.

2. Build complete apps fast

Build your app fast using the visual drag and drop editor and seamless integration with backend services: database, push, and server code or any REST API. With the App Creator Express you can build a complete app with a database in minutes!

3. Build once, then deploy to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and the Web

With the Appery.io cross-platform approach, reach ALL your target users quickly by deploying to all devices types from a single code base.

4. Deliver a native experience

Deliver a native experience with access to native device APIs such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer and more with the popular PhoneGap framework included in every Appery.io app.

5. Easily customize

Customize as much as you need with built-in or custom themes, CSS, templates, custom components and plugins. You can even write your own JavaScript or modify the code the platform generates within the same web-based IDE.

6. Integrated backend services (MBaaS)

Instantly add integrated backend services to your app: cloud database for app data or user management, push notifications to engage your users, and server code for creating server side custom app logic. There is no need to deploy or maintain any servers, you focus on your app while we maintain the infrastructure. Provide branded admin access to your app to clients and administrators through the customer console.

7. Connect with any 3rd-party APIs

Quickly connect to any 3rd party REST APIs with the Appery.io visual mapping editor to easily bind services to the UI, or leverage our catalog of prebuilt API plugins.

8. Quickly test your app

Instantly test your app in the browser or use the Appery.io Mobile Tester app to test native features without the need to install the app on the device.

9. Simplified enterprise integration

With the Appery.io Enterprise Integration Server, you can quickly connect to any enterprise data source even if it does not yet offer a REST API. Integrate Appery.io into your Continous Integration platform by using webhooks, provided for each significant event in the platform.

10. Leverage the most popular JavaScript frameworks

With support for jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, and Bootstrap, (and soon Ionic) you can develop mobile and responsive web apps rapidly while leveraging your existing skills.