Exporting Android App Built in Appery.io Into Eclipse

So you built a really cool mobile app in Appery.io, now you want to export Android app sources and open in Eclipse. Here is how to do it.

  1. Export Android sources in Appery.io by going to Export > Android row > Source Code/Eclipse Project
  2. Download and extract Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (download link)
  3. Download and extract Android SDK (download link)
  4. Update Android SDK (may take a long time):
    $<path_to_android_sdk>/tools/android update sdk –no-ui
  5. Install ADT Plugin for Eclipse (guide link)
  6. Import project to Eclipse:
    • Package Explorer > File > Import… > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Choose Appery project folder) > Finish
  7. Running app:
    • Right-click project > Run as > Android application
  8. Building APK:
    • invoke context menu on project > Android tools > Export Signed Application Package