A Quick Guide to Sending Push Notifications with the Appery.io Platform

Being able to send Push Notifications to users is one of the fundamental capability in an enterprise mobile app. Appery.io platform comes with Push Notifications component out-of-the-box and allows you quickly to send targeted messages to iOS and Android devices. In this blog post we will show the four ways to send a Push Notification message to a user:

  1. Push Notifications Console.
  2. Server Code Push Notifications API (server-side).
  3. Push Notification REST API.
  4. Customer Console.

Push Notifications Console

This first option is probably the simplest way to send a Push Notifications once you have installed an app on a device. Select device types, enter the message and send. The Push Notification message should arrive on the registered device instantly.

Push Notifications console

Push Notifications console

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Development Tip: Custom Icon for Push Notifications

One way to customize your app is to use a custom push notification icon. By the default, the push notification icon is your app icon.

Setting a custom icon for incoming push notifications is available only for Android OS and only for version 3 libraries (jQuery Mobile).

To set a custom push notification image:

  1. Upload your custom image (for example: icon.png) into the ANDROID/project_name/res/drawable/ folder to set it as a push image. If there is no drawable folder, simply create it:
  2. On the Source tab, open the WEB_RESOURCES > app > startScreen.js file.
  3. Find the PushNotification.init function and add an icon property with 'icon' value:
  4. Now your app has a custom push notification icon!

Read more about Appery.io push notifications in our documentation and make sure to check out all of our mobile development tips.

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