Extending the Google Map Component with Custom JavaScript

Manipulating Appery.io Components with jQuery Mobile

Do you know how to take advantage of custom JavaScript when working with Appery.io visual components? You can easily access any Appery.io component in JavaScript via the Appery.io JavaScript API and manipulate it with the jQuery Mobile API. Here is an example of how to dynamically add items to a list using JavaScript. Read the rest of this entry »

Copying an entire screen to another project

As a business analyst I am making prototypes for the a new project in Appery.io.  Like many other projects, this one has a public and admin parts.  I created a prototype for the public portion of the application, implying that this functionality would be available for all logged in users, however the customer corrected me and noted that it would be available for admin users only.  I have two Appery.io projects: admin part and public part of the site so I tried to just copy from “public” part and paste to admin part with no luck!  I got puzzled and wondered how I could do that. Here is the solution I would like to share.

The solution is quite simple.

1. Open the project where you have the screen that you want to move to another project.

2. Navigate to Project>Clipboard Import/Export menu to open the Local Import/Export dialog. In the dialog click Export.

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Sharing your project

Max already mentioned in his posts how you can collaborate using Appery.io, in this post I want to elaborate little bit more on this.

What collaboration tools Appery.io provides?

  1. Project sharing
  2. Whiteboard synchronization
  3. Built-in chat
  4. Prototype sharing
  5. Export as HTML bundle

Now let’s take a look at each of them.

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Managing your assets

Appery.io provides a very handy way of managing your assets.

Let’s see how you can add an image to your mockup.
1. Drag and drop an image component from the palette.
adding image to Tiggr

adding image to Appery.io

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