Development Tip: Using Snippets and Shortcuts for Quicker Code Editing


Snippet to invoke a REST API

A snippet is a pre-made and reusable section of code that can be quickly inserted into your own code. It is a convenient and time-saving way to pull frequently used functions.

A recent update has introduced a new snippet – Invoke REST API ($http).  Invoke REST API ($http) is a wrapper for Angular’s($http) and can be used to send AJAX requests. This snippet is described in more detail here.

Shortcuts, like snippets, can save you time. A shortcut allows you to type a few characters that expand into the corresponding code. For example, type $Cg and then press Ctrl+Space or Cmd+Space to quickly add the Config.get function. The shortcut will be translated into:

Apperyio.Config.get( expression/*, default*/ );

You can find the whole list of shortcuts here.

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