How to Host Your HTML5 App

Image of hosting an HTML5 mobile app

When you build an HTML5 mobile app in you can instantly publish the app to a URL. You have three options for hosting your app.

First, right out of the box you can publish your app to an URL such as, or you can use a custom domain:

hosting1 hosting

As an alternative, you can also publish the app on Heroku. Once you sign into Heroku from, the app will be pushed and published to Heroku.

Finally, there is a third option that allows you to publish the app to any hosting provider of your choice. Simply export the app as HTML/JavaScript/CSS:



Then upload the file to any hosting provider of your choice. Here is one example, publishing to the BitBalloon service.

With all of these options available, hosting your HTML5 mobile app is very fast and simple.

Want to try this? Sign up for the Starter plan (free) and learn more about the various hosting options. Have fun building apps.