MongoLab Database Plug-in Is Now Available In

If you plan to use MongoLab database in your app, it’s now even simpler with our new MongoLab database plug-in. Here is how to create one.

Click to import a plug-in:

then select Mobile and click MongoDB Database API:

next you will be prompted to enter database API key and database name. Both values can be found in your MongoLab account:

If you don’t set these values during import, don’t worry. You can also set them in Services/MongoLab_Settings after the import.

In addition to API key and database name you also need to set the collection name (as we don’t have that information). The collection name is defined and set in Request Parameters panel:

In the Default Value column enter the collection name. You may also set the collection name directly in the URL. The reason collection name is set in request parameters and not in the settings file is because it will change often while the other values are most likely going to stay the same.

Once the service is imported, you can test the service and automatically create the response structure from it.