App Builder Upgrades To jQuery Mobile 1.1, Now You Can Also Set Any Component Property

In our May release we upgraded to jQuery Mobile 1.1. This means that the app that you build in is using jQuery Mobile version 1.1. You can always check the version by going to Project view > Projects > Project Profile > Built-in resources:

As you probably know you get jQuery Mobile components in, plus some HTML5 components such as audio, video. There is also Google Maps component. Every jQuery Mobile component comes properties that can be configured. When building an app int, you simply select the component and can see all the properties which can be configured in the Properties view:

For some UI components, not all available properties are available in Properties view. For such cases, comes with a special More Properties button (at the very end):

Via More Properties, you can add any attributes supported by the selected component. In fact, you are not limited to just setting properties which are not exposed in Properties view, you can set any properties. For example, adding these two properties:

will result in this:

Have fun building apps, you now get the full power of jQuery Mobile.