March Release: New jQuery Mobile Themes, Custom Code Component, Custom CSS, Plugins, And Visual Service Mapper Updates

Last week we had our March release. Here is what’s new and cool.

Really Awesome jQuery Mobile Themes

We just added a bunch of new and awesome jQuery Mobile themes and swatches. Here is how the new dark-gray theme looks:

Check out the rest here


Plugins make it possible to package services, screens, images as a “plugin” and then add the plugin to any other project. You can even create custom project templates from plugins. A plugin is created by selecting Export > Appery plugin:

To learn more, read plugins documentation.

Panel – add any custom HTML code

The visual editor is pretty cool but we know very well that being able to insert any custom code is a must have feature. In this release we added a new Panel component which can be.

  • div
  • html (any custom HTML code)
  • span

Create Custom CSS

Staying on the topic of customazing your app, in addition to being able to add any JavaScript you can now also create a custom CSS file:

Visual jQuery Mobile-JSON mapper improvements

A number of improvements were were do the visual data mapper. Once a connection is mapped, a grey dotted line appears to indicate to which variable the connection is made.

Documentation updated

We spent the last couple of days updating documentation with all the new features. We’d love to hear your feedback. One thing we are definitely going to add is more tutorials!