Preview prototypes anywere, even on iPad, iPhone whiteboard was created using Flash. Why did we use Flash and not HTML? Well, today Flash is still the more powerful and flexible solution for this particular job. We knew that today we would have to do a lot more work to create the same functionality in HTML5. But, it’s something we are considering for the future. So, if you try to access from iPad, well, you know what’s going to happen (Thanks, Steve). But, not everything is lost! One of the unique and rather powerful features in is Web Preview. Web Preview generates standard HTML/JS/CSS and allows you to preview the prototype in any browser, any mobile device and yes, even on iPad and iPhone. This makes it possible to send prototype Web Preview to anyone and ask for their feedback. Isn’t’ this cool? Your boss or customer sitting in a coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else with their laptop, mobile phone or iPad can now review the prototype with just one click! Web Preview is interactive, you can click on various controls to open them up such as calendars and navigate between pages.

And one more thing, we are coming with a specialised mobile palette based on jQuery Mobile components. You will soon be able to build prototypes for mobile devices!

  1. First, select Web Preview/Share and choose who can view the prototype:
  2. Then, select Web Preview/Open
  3. A new page will open (click the link below to see it in action). Go ahead and open this link on Android, iPad or iPhone. Try it!