Unlock Your App Building Potential with the Updated Appery.io Education Guide!

Hey there, fellow app builders! We’ve got some exciting news for you – we’ve just updated our Appery.io Education Guide to help you take your app-building skills to the next level.

At Appery.io, we care about our users and want to make sure you have the best experience possible. That’s why we’ve invested in upgrading our Education Guide, and now it’s your turn to invest in your app-building potential.

Our Education Guide is packed with short, yet detailed, videos that are organized into four units: IntroAdvanced EditorApp Logic, and Appery Database. These videos are designed to teach you everything you need to know about developing with Appery.io and are now fully updated to correspond with the latest changes we’ve made to our product.

We know that staying on top of product updates can be tough, but we also know that a good educational course on a software product is one that keeps up with the changes, no matter how difficult it may be. We’ve made sure to include all of the latest features and UI changes in our updated Appery.io Education Guide so that you can rest assured that what you see in the tutorial videos is exactly what you’ll get when you start building your first-ever mobile app.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our updated Education Guide and take your app-building skills to the next level!


We updated our ChatGPT Template. What’s new?

It’s not been long since Appery.io announced releasing the revolutionary ChatGPT Template and we are super excited today to let you know that our template has been upgraded!

Several days ago, a new ChatGPT model family was released, named gpt-3.5-turbo. The model is similar to the model used in the ChatGPT product and accessed with a new endpoint for interacting with ChatGPT models.

We, at Appery.io, made this enhancement available to our users and updated the template to keep up with the latest ChatGPT model from its creator, OpenAI!

The updated ChatGPT App template works out of the box like its predecessor did before and allows the creation of a bot app based on the OpenAI ChatGPT technology that already supports the new ChatGPT Turbo model.

Please check our template to enjoy the technology even more! It’s simple to get and free to try:

  1. Sign up for free (if you haven’t yet).
  2. Create a new app from under the Templates tab:

3. Enter your OpenAI API Key and you are ready to test the app:

Happy developing! And stay tuned – more templates are coming soon!