EduGuide Updated with New Unit: App Logic

Great news: with, the Christmas festive season is not over yet!

We are happy to announce that our Educational Video Guide was successfully updated with a new unit: App logic.

As its name implies, this unit will guide you on managing your mobile app logic without writing any single piece of code!

Unit 3: App logic

The unit steps include detailed descriptions of how to:

  • Manage the Card component’s Visible property using events;
  • Modify ButtonsClick events to add more complex hide/show behavior;
  • Map the Input value to the Card component on the button click;
  • Use services and datasources ( in the example of GeoService)for setting up app logic;
  • Use the OKCancelAlert service for setting up different app behavior scenarios.

What is important: all the instructional videos are short (up to 2 minutes) and are super easy to follow. Also, every step comes with a few practical tasks and a link to follow in case you want more details.

Enjoy your winter holidays but do not miss the chance to learn something new!

Wishing you a very happy festive season filled with love, happiness, and joy🎄

PS It is already the third unit in the series of educational videos from, but please stay tuned: another new unit (this time on Database) is coming soon!