Push Notifications with Appery.io Server Code: Watch Our New Tutorial

Hey everyone! The Appery.io team is excited to announce our latest video tutorial on integrating push notifications into your mobile app by using Server Code. 🎉

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging app users. With Appery.io, integrating these notifications is simple, even if you’re not tech-savvy. In this video, we are showing you how to add push notifications to your mobile app using Appery.io , a low-code platform that makes app development accessible for everyone.

Our new how-to video covers:

Setting Up Push Notifications: Learn how to configure notifications before sending.

Triggering Custom Actions: See how to trigger popups or other actions when a notification is delivered.

Sending Technical Data: Discover how to pass custom data, like navigation instructions, via push notifications.

Automating Notifications with Server Code: Understand how to send notifications programmatically for real-world use cases.

Targeting Specific Devices and Users: Master the art of sending notifications to individual devices and users.

Highlights from the Video

1. Real-Time Updates: With Live debug, any changes you make in Appery.io are instantly reflected on your mobile device.

2. Custom Alerts: Trigger TypeScript code when a notification is delivered, showing custom alerts or actions.

3. Server Code Integration: Learn to automate push notifications using server-side code.

4. User Targeting: Send notifications to specific users across all their devices by linking user IDs.

Watch Now

Don’t miss out! Watch the full video tutorial and elevate your app’s user engagement effortlessly. Click below to watch the video.



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