Try Our New StripeShop App Template for Creating Stripe-based Apps

Are you one of the companies already accepting online payments for your goods or services? Or just considering integrating Stripe’s APIs into your business routine? It is in that case that our new StripeShop App template can be of great use and we strongly urge you to check it out.

In addition, this template is made to be low-code so you’ll need no programming knowledge to earn money from your own Stripe-based app created with this plug-in.

Using the template, you will be able to securely charge money from a user’s credit card to your Stripe account using integrated backend services.

The template is accompanied by a step-by-step tutorial explaining how you can connect your actual Stripe API, as well as how to manage your database. Those who are new to can learn how to customize the UI to meet their specific needs. Go check the instructions and you will see that setting up your own Stripe-based app is as easy as it can possibly be.