Baking a Pizza Application à la in 5 Minutes

In software development, the four basic functions are represented by the acronym CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These facilitate viewing, searching, and changing information. Every application requires the presence of such functions.

If you are up to building a responsive web application in the most cost-effective way, using the Pizza sample can be very handy. The sample is a fully functional responsive application—based on Google’s Material Design—to present pizza recipes along with ingredients. It includes create, read, update and delete functions as well as searching and filtering. In terms of components, the application consists of:

  • plug-in
  • Database
  • Server-side script

In order to make it live, you need very little in the way of development skills. It takes literally five minutes for a citizen developer to assemble the application out of building blocks as described in To further perfect the application, you can add more spicy features to fit your tastes as listed in

Voilà, the Pizza application is ready!