Development Tip: New ClientSDK Methods For Better Offline Apps


One of the new key features of API Express is that you can build apps offline with the synchronisation functionality so when you go online all off your changes have been synchronised. The ClientSDK library has a set of methods, which when you execute can you build more powerful apps offline. The last Appery update bought us the ClientSDK library of API Express’ new methods to work with action histories made offline:

  • revertLocalChanges – reverts all local changes made in offline mode without clearing the cached data.
  • getDeferredActions – returns the iterator, which you can use further to iterate through the history array items.
  • saveDeferredActions – saves changes to a history, if there was any changes.

ClientSDK will automatically detect the network state and when a device is connected to the internet the ClientSDK synchronises with the server, and sends all offline changes (actions history) made by the user. You can find more information here.

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