Development Tip: Adding Custom Logic to REST API Invocation


This blog post shows how to add a custom logic to a REST API invocation for jQuery Mobile apps.

You may often need to modify data for a services request or a services response. You may want to launch a dedicated JavaScript function to do this. This is useful when you need to rewrite the response data with filtered/edited values, instead of doing this each time for each mapping. For example, your service response has an unneeded first value that you want to remove from the response:

  1. Add new Run JavaScript action for Success event of your datasource.
  2. Using the drag and drop, move this action to the very beginning, so the Mapping action will be right to the Run JavaScript. This way, it’s guaranteed that the JavaScript code will be executed before the mapping.
  3. Click on Run JavaScript action and write your code. You have a data parameter in this JavaScript function – that is your response value.
  4. Write your custom logic to modify the response data. For example, to remove the first item of the response array (works only for arrays, not for JSON objects) use the following code:
    data.splice(0, 1);

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