Upcoming Update to Xcode 5 – Please Note

As many of you know, last month Apple announced that as of February 1 it will require the use of xCode 5 for all submissions to the App Store.  We are working hard on an update that will not only update our platform to support Xcode 5 but also to jQuery Mobile 1.4.  This version of jQuery Mobile comes with major upgrades and performance improvements but also requires more testing than we originally anticipated.  We estimate that this upgrade will be completed on February 11*.   Until that time, any app exported as an iOS binary may be rejected by Apple.  This does not impact apps that are distributed via enterprise app stores, of course.

Temporary workaround:  if you must submit an app to the Apple App Store before we release this update, you can always export the source code as an Xcode project rather than as an .ipa binary and create the binary on your own computer using Xcode 5.   The option to export the source code is available via the Export pull down menu within our App Builder.

If you have questions about this, please contact our Tech Support team as usual.

*Updated this post on February 3rd:  changed the estimated completing of this upgrade from “mid February” to “February 11”