Creating and using custom components in

This tutorial will show you how to build and use a custom component. Custom components (or composite components) are very useful because you can combine any components together, create a custom component, and reuse it through out the application. Using custom components will save a lot of time.

To start, let’s build a small prototype which we will then save a custom component.

  1. Drag and drop a Panel container, change header label to Deliver options
  2. Then, drag and drop 4 radio buttons and set their labels as shown:
  3. One last thing we want to do is a button. Drag and drop a Button component and change its label to look like this:
  4. Let’s test what we have created so far. Click Web Preview button on the top menu to open a browser window. Looks nice? Let’s now make this a custom component.
  5. To create a custom component, select both the panel and button on the page. You can do it with the mouse (“stretch rectangle”), by selecting the container and button as shown here:
  6. Now, go to Properties windows on the right-hand side and click Save As Custom Component button.
  7. For Template Name enter: DeliveryComponent
  8. For Palette Name select: My components
  9. Click Create.
  10. Go to Components tab on the left-hand side and open My components palette (you might have to close other palettes). There you will see (see screen shot) the custom component we just created: DeliveryComponent.
  11. Open any screen and drag and drop this component into the page as any other component. That’s it. You now have a custom component which can be reused anywhere.

Editing a custom component

  1. To edit a custom component, select the component, then click Edit Source in Properties panel.
  2. If you need to separate individual components inside a custom component, select the custom component, then click Break Apart Template. This will break or unlink the components inside and let you use them as any other components individually. Note: this will not affect the custom component. It will still be listed under My components palette
  3. To delete a custom component, select Project/Assets, then select Custom Components tab. Select the custom component. From there you can edit, rename or delete the custom component.