We Got New Pricing!

In addition name change to Appery, we also got new pricing. And yes, there is now a Free plan!


Go to pricing page.

Sorry, A Small Bug In Trial Period Duration [Fixed]

If you signed up for Appery.io Mobile Apps Builder today, there is small bug in trial period duration. It will show that your trial will expire in 1 day.

We are working on fixing it. You will get your full 30 days trial. Again, we are sorry.

Update #1
Good news, it’s fixed for any new users. Everyone who signed up before, we are working on restoring the 30 day trial.

Update #2
It’s now fixed for everyone.

Mobile Apps Builder – You Can Now Try It Free For 30 Days

Appery.io Mobile Apps Builder had just 15-days trial period. We know it wasn’t enough. Starting today the trial period is now 30 days! You don’t need to give us your credit card, just sign up and try it. We are pretty sure you will love it, it’s super easy to build real mobile Web and native apps.

Appery.io Prototypes Builder Trials for Beta Users Ending on Sept. 22

Early adopters of Appery.io (reg­is­tered be­fore June 15, 2011) re­ceived a com­pli­men­tary 3-​​month sub­scrip­tion to the Prototypes Builder Professional Plan. On September 22, 2011, this trial pe­riod will end. Starting on September 22, these users will have the fol­lowing op­tions when they log in to Appery.io:

  1. Continue using the Professional Plan with un­lim­ited projects and un­lim­ited screens by pro­viding billing in­for­ma­tion and paying $15/​month/​user going forward.
  2. Downgrade to the Free Plan with ac­cess to your last edited project and 5 screens in the project.
  3. Deactivate your Prototypes Builder ac­count (ac­count data will still be kept for 30 days).

We hope they all choose op­tion #1!