New Subscription Plans—Time to Plan a New App!

Dear Community!

If you thought the recent increase in allowable API calls with no increase in fees was the end of our efforts to upgrade as a product to better suit your needs, we’re here to tell you it was just the beginning. We are happy to announce we’ve cooked up two new plans that will be available starting June 4th, 2020!

The Beginners Plan

We are introducing a new monthly Beginners plan, which is a perfect match for users who are just getting into and want to poke around a bit more before making a big commitment. This plan is also a good fit for developers looking to build small, lightweight apps. New users will be able to assess our platform and build two projects using our two most popular frameworks: Ionic4 and JQM.

The Ultimate Plan

Now on to the big news for our mid-sized and enterprise clients or for customers who are looking to take the training wheels off their experience. You’ll now have the opportunity to sign up for the Ultimate plan, the most comprehensive of all the plans we’ve created. This plan is stacked with 5 hours/month of dedicated professional support service that includes help with coding, custom logic, 3rd-party libraries, API integration, and debugging.

What Stays the Same

  • The popular Pro and Team plans will remain unchanged—except for the previously mentioned massive increase in API calls 😉
  • We are also keeping our trusty 14-day free trial, so you’ll still be able to play before you purchase.

More Options

We are always committed to being as flexible as possible for our customers. If you’re already a customer and you’re looking to upgrade an existing plan, you can do so at any time. Also, if you are interested in a custom plan, private deployment, or enterprise-grade SLA options, just contact us to request a quote.

The Big Picture

For an overview of the upcoming pricing update, have a look at the summary table below. More details will be available on our pricing page once our new plans go into effect.

Monthly Price (Paid Annually)N/A$70$135$500
Monthly Price (Paid Monthly)$25$99$200$600
Included Services per MonthN/AN/AN/A5 hours*
Included Developer Seats11610
Maximum Developer Seats13625
Monthly Price per Additional Developer Seat (Paid Annually)N/A$30N/A$30
Monthly Price per Additional Developer Seat (Paid Monthly)N/A$40N/A$40
Platform API Calls per Month50 k1 million2 million2,5 million
Storage1 Gb2 Gb5 Gb7 Gb
Server Code Script Execution Time3 seconds5 seconds15 seconds15 seconds
Concurrent Server Code Scripts3355
Server Code Script Execution Interval10 minutes10 minutes5 minutes5 minutes
Burst Rate: API Express, Server Code5 req/s10 req/s20 req/s20 req/s
Burst Rate API: Database, Proxy10 req/s30 req/s50 req/s50 req/s
Throughput15 Mb/minute50 Mb/minute100 Mb/minute100 Mb/minute
In Memory Data4 objects4 objects6 objects6 objects
App Versions5105050
App Backup5/monthYesYesYes


* Please note that the five monthly service hours included in the Ultimate plan do not roll over if unused at the end of the contract month. All five monthly service hours must be used within each monthly billing cycle (under both annual and monthly payment schedules).

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