Preparing for a Bright New Year with a New Release: December Update

To get a good start for the coming year, we’ll be rolling out a new release for this month. What will be in it?

Cordova Update

  • We will add two new libraries, JQM 5 and Angular 2.0, so it’s a big deal.
  • Now you will be able to export sources that are 100% compatible with Android Studio and xCode.
  • And even more: the structure of generated sources is even closer to that of Cordova than before.

iOS11 Support

Nothing to add here. Just enjoy.

Cordova Hooks Now Available

By popular demand, we have added support for Cordova hooks. If you are still not aware of just how useful this feature is, check this link.

Bug Fixes

We work hard every day on bug fixes to make the platform a smoother, more comfortable, and reliable place to work in. So, stick with us, and see you in the next year.

Happy Holidays!