March Platform Update: Improved Autocomplete, Ace Editor in Server Code, Improved API Testing and More

Learn about our March platform update.

Improved Autocomplete in App Builder for Ionic

Autocomplete is one of the most-loved developer features. You don’t need to remember the variable name, can quickly insert it from the autocomplete list and more importantly it reduces errors. The App Builder for Ionic now has an improved autocomplete feature, it is now available for any property in the Property panel. Simply click Ctrl+Space to see the available values.


New Option to Specify Custom Database Connection Properties in API Express

New Ace Editor in Server Code Server Code source editor has been upgrade to the poplar Ace editor. The new editor provides the following benefits:

  • Improved code snippets to help you write code faster by inserting common code snippets with just a click.
  • Advanced and more powerful code assist to help you write your code faster.
  • Big performance upgrade when working with large source code files.
  • Better error reporting.


Instantly Import Any Database Services Into an App

Integration between an app and the backend services is one of the mort important benefits in the platform. With this update we have improved the integration by adding all the Database services that you can instantly import into your app.


Better Developer Experience for Testing APIs Inside the App Builder

Integrating and importing a REST API into your app is a breeze. New in this update is an improved testing experience. When you test an imported REST API inside the App Builder you now get a separate Body and Headers tabs, plus its easy to see the HTTP response code.


Better Developer Experience for Testing APIs Inside API Express

A better developer experience for testing services has been applied to API Express services. When testing an API Express you will see a separate Body and Headers tabs. This new UI allows you to clearly see the body response from a service and separately its headers. We have also added a separate label for HTTP response code. These small but important changes will make testing services easier.


API Express Autogenerated Services Now Support Sorting by Multiple Parameters

When autogenerating API Express services for a relational database, a new sort option is now available. With the new sort option, you can easily sort the data when using the FIND operation.

API Express Database Connection Now Supports Custom Properties

API Express database connection wizard now supports custom properties. This will allow you to connect to relational databases by specifying any supported custom properties for the particular database type.


Cloud Database Upgrade

The Database is running on the popular MongoDB database. In this update the database was upgraded to WiredTiger storage engine. The new database engine uses a new data compression and will allow us to deliver new features in the future. Learn more about this database update.

Bugs (less of them)

What update goes without fixing bugs? So yes, we fixed a large number of big and small bugs to make the platform better.

Get in Touch

If you run into any hiccups with this release (hey, we are not perfect), please reach to us via on the forum or send us en email (sign into the platform and click Get Help link at the top).