Learn How Dyjit Launched Their App for a New Hospitality Platform Using Appery.io

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Dyjit’s vision is to make life better by introducing digital experiences where they do not yet exist. Dyjit’s first product, knowye (know what you eat), is a hospitality platform that transforms the traditional paper menu into a digital marketing channel and enables restaurants to cater and market to shifting consumer needs.

  • Filter the menu to items that meet your preferences. For example, if you are a vegan or looking for a gluten-free dish, your personal menu with additional ingredient related details will be shown.
  • Select items for your order.
  • Estimate your bill, calculate the tip, split with your group.
  • Add items to your wishlist or favorites.
  • Keep your menu and selection history.

The Dyjit team selected the Appery.io lowcode platform to build and launch their first mobile app.

The Appery.io visual App Builder allows building the app UI 3-4 times faster than using traditional tools.

The Appery.io platform also provides out-of-the-box, integrated backend services such as a cloud database, Server Code for app logic and Push Notifications. This means you don’t need to look for any other backend services and can build and test the entire app quickly and with less resources. The platform enables building a complete mobile app fast, without needing to have a traditional development team.

The app UI was quickly built using the Appery.io App Builder for jQuery Mobile. On the backend, the app leverages the Appery.io Database and Server Code for custom app logic. Running the app on the Appery.io platform will enable the Dyjit team to easily scale the app to any number of backend API calls without lifting a finger. And that’s precisely the reason why the Dyjit team selected the Appery.io platform – it enables them to spend time building their product without worrying about app infrastructure and tooling.

Knowye is available in the Apple and Android app stores and piloting at Heartland Brewery in New York’s Port Authority. Follow knowye’s progress on their Facebook page.

Bon appetite!