November 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 newsletter.

Platform News

We just launched a new platform status page, which allows you to check the platform status any time.

Our Apache Cordova library update with iOS 10 support is coming along well. We will release this update in the first two weeks of January (instead of in December).

Released at the end of November, our platform update included stability, performance, and scalability improvements. We also updated the JavaScript engine used by Server Code. Want to see our roadmap? You can always check it out here. Platform Overview: A Guide for Mobile Developers

Learn about platform features and benefits from this short video. This is a great guide for mobile developers, whether they are existing developers or just starting out. Watch the video now.

A Quick Guide for Setting Up and Invoking the Salesforce API

In this blog post you will learn how to build an app that connects to Salesforce API. After a login into Salesforce, the app will display a list of Salesforce objects available in your account. The complete app has the following components:

  • App UI (client)
  • Server Code for server-side logic to handle OAuth flow
  • Salesforce account and app to access the data in your account

Read the entire blog post.

New Habit: iOS App Built on the Platform With Ionic and Backend Services

An customer has built New Habit, a wonderful iOS app using the platform. Read about his app and how he built it. Videos

We have close to 200 short videos conveniently organized into playlists. Check them out.

Sample Apps

Do you know that we have sample apps for SMS, email, camera, barcode scanner, and others? A sample app has a UI and a backend preconfigured so you can quickly run the app, show it as an example, or use it as a starting point. Check out the apps today.

Update to Library Version Used in Your jQuery Mobile App

Please read this blog post to learn if you need to update the library version used in your jQuery Mobile app.