What Does It Mean To Be “Mobile” In Your Organisation?

“Going mobile” is more than just having a website—it means a whole load of things. It’s about reaching and engaging with your members in a new way, and offering your members a different way to receive information; making information accessible at any time and in any place.

While a website may provide information for your members, you also want to have a way to get your members talking to each other and joining in events and activities. We are in a society where we are constantly looking for up-to-date information, mobile apps provide us with this and our phones are within reach at all times. There are numerous angles your non-profit can take when it comes to creating a mobile app, some opt for informational such as The Red Cross, which provides weather alerts to help citizens better prepare for potential natural disasters. But, for your non-profit organisation, being mobile can mean any of the following things:

  • Mobile Web—optimising your website, content, and donation forms for mobile devices.
  • Mobile messaging— increasing your communication with your members, co-workers, and donors via text messages.
  • Online donations/text-to-give—providing a way for your members to donate through their mobile devices via a mobile optimised online donation form or website, or by texting a donation directly to your organisation.
  • Mobile Apps—creating your own customised application for your members to download to their smartphones or tablets for easy access.

With drag-and-drop browser based development platforms available it has become even easier to build an app and at a lower cost. You no longer need IT departments and citizen developers to build your app, low code platforms enable citizen developers to create functioning apps to use with your organisation.

Our platform is based on an easy-to-use, drag and drop, simple coding to save you time and money. Our platform has been used by several non-profit organisations to help get them mobile and to create community programs. Black Girls Code, who reaches out to the community through workshops and after school programs introducing computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in programming languages. Our easy-to-use, browser based platform has allowed Black Girls Code to teach young individuals that anyone can code. This is a great example about how you can use our Appery.io platform as a teaching tool for your non-profit.

At Appery we have an array of services, which can help optimise the mobility of  your organisation:

  • Twilio – Allows you to send text messages to colleagues and members.
  • SIRV – Allows you to upload images of your events instantly onto your app.
  • Auth0 – Connects your organisations Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

Come and see how Appery.io can take your non-profit to the next level, try out our free two week. Visit our website to learn more.