Java SDK is Now Part of API Express

With one third of developers using Java, we have now added an Enterprise Services Java SDK to our API Express platform to increase the performance and customisation of your app. Our Java SDK is composed of:placeit-2

  • Enterprise Service Java API – this allows you to use features from the Java code
  • Enterprise Service Maven Plugin – allows you to verify, compile, test, package and deploy service code to API express.
  • Enterprise service test – allows you to write unit tests for the service.
  • Enterprise Service Templates – provides sources and templates for you to use.

We have made this addition to our API Express to allow you, the user, to increase customisation. Before you were limited to what kind of services you could build with the Service App Builder Graphical tool. You are currently unable to connect to the LDAP, and when you can you will most likely be unable to connect to some proprietary enterprise systems. Therefore, Java SDK allows you to build a java service of any complexity due to our additions of: Apache Camel and Spring framework, java programming language and it’s third party libraries, frameworks, and tools, as well as the Enterprise Services Java SDK to enable you to reach our features including push notifications, security, database and server code, data sync, and many more.

As Java SDK uses Apache Camel and Java Spring framework you have access to several  beneficial features. Through the use of Apache Camel you can insert connectors anywhere within your code, it acting like an embedded engine to provide you with a set of tools. Thanks to Apache Camel you can also build custom data processors and connectors allowing you to build your own code, extend data integrations and processing flows. Along with this, Java Spring framework provides you with the added security of local and distributed transactions, to provide you with verification and security authentication. You can also improve your apps caching via Java Spring framework, improving the performance of your app.

Some of the features soon to be added to our Enterprise Service Java SDK is the offline mode – the ability to make edits, changes, or additions that you make inside the app while offline will be saved and implemented when your app goes back online. Another feature, which will be added is data chunking – fetching data in small chunks from the database and mobile device to increase the performance of your app.

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