Learn How to Send a Push Notification from Server Code Script in One Line of Code

Appery.io Server Code allows you to quickly write any custom app logic using JavaScript and expose is via a REST API. Here is an example of invoking the Uber API, and here is an example of accessing the cloud database and scheduling the script to run periodically.


Sending push message

The Server Code script JavaScript API also enables you to send a push notification in just one line of code (well, 3 lines of code). After you configure push notifications, this is how to send a message to all users who installed the app:

PN.send("07a6350d-d563-3902-9aba-589ca6ab7876", {
   "message": "Hi, there!")

Once you configure push, you will have a Push API key which you set above and then just the push message. This code will send a message to all the users who installed the app. There is also an option to send a targeted push message, only to some users.

Any script is automatically exposed via a REST API so you can quickly invoke it from an app. If you need to customize your app and build custom APIs – Server Code script is what you need.