Newsletter: August 2015 has reached over 250K developers! is now 250k Developers Strong!

As you may have heard, has hit another milestone! We’re thrilled that our platform now has over a quarter of a million developers.

Check out these two articles to learn more about this important milestone (and more!):

Tools Advisor: 1/4 million developers can’t be wrong
Learn more about the milestone, as well as an overview of our recently-added features, including LDAP and Social Network Identity, and updates to our “Tester App.”

e-Week: Surpasses 250K Users, Adds App Sharing, More
More info about our latest milestone, as well as an in-depth look at our recent partnership with Ionic and our support for the Ionic Framework. Also covers recent feature updates such as LDAP and Social Network Identity.

Changes to Versioning Feature and Plans

We want to let you know about upcoming changes to the versioning feature in our plans. We want every plan to enjoy this feature, but we also want to make sure platform resources are used optimally. To balance these two goals, we are introducing a limit to the number of versions for an app based on plan type. The limits for your plan can be found in the table below:

If you have more versions than your plan will allow and you want to retain them, it is important that you restore them no later than September 6th, 2015.

You can learn more about the update here.

Tester App Update: Now with On-Device App Sharing!

Another exciting update has been made to the platform! We’ve updated the Mobile Tester App so you can share your app on-device with anyone, even if they don’t have an account! Available for iOS or Android, the app now allows anyone to test and run your mobile app as if it had been installed as a binary for their platform (including access to native APIs such as the camera and GPS) and without having to submit the app to the app stores.

Just ask the person you are going to share the app with to install the Tester app and then generate a code on the app page in and send it to this person. When this code is entered into the tester app, your app gets loaded and launched on the device!

To learn more about this new feature, check out this blog post!

Join us at the CIO Forum!

Join us at the Sept. 13-15th CIO Forum in Carlsbad, CA!

You can learn more about the conference, which is now in its 18th year, here.

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Make sure to check out our ongoing series of videos, “Build in 5 Minutes,” where every video will show you how to build a complete real app with in under five minutes! We have 12 videos so far, ranging from building an app with a barcode scanner to creating a Server Code script to invoke an API.You can view all of the videos here!

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