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“I really like this type of idea. It’s like, let’s make this as simple as possible for people, and let’s create the most complex possible outcome.”

Keith Monaghan and Dain Miller, hosts of Start Here: Web Development, on was discussed in the Dec. 8th episode of Start Here: Web Development, a podcast, “dedicated to encouraging and providing you resources to help you start and build your career in web dev.”

Cohosts Keith Monaghan and Dain Miller, both veterans of the industry, examined the benefits of in the episode, which centered on building mobile apps and the future of web development.

The two hosts discussed their discovery of the platform, and their initial impression of the service: “I just registered with Appery[.io] and it is very cool. I’ve already started creating my first app,“ one of the hosts said.

The hosts were especially impressed with’s potential as an enterprise tool, specifically when having to deal with the stress of building and maintaining multiple internal apps as a small company.

“That’s like something where comes in, where you don’t have to code every piece of it. You have full control. It is a drag and drop user interface, you can drag a button here, drag a list here, but then essentially it is HTML and CSS, so you can go in and you can customize it to however you like,” the hosts said.

To hear the episode in it’s entirety, check out the podcast here.