Complete the New Developer Economics Survey for a Chance at Great Devices (and great data)

We’re partnering with VisionMobile for their new Developer Economics survey to help them extend their reach and make sure more developers have a chance to make their voice heard. The survey reaches across thousands of app developers and provides the data for VisionMobile’s well-known reports on the state of the developer nation.

The new Developer Economics survey examines some of the hottest issues of mobile development, such as top mobile platforms, most widely used revenue models, and web vs. native development.

The report will be available for free to the entire mobile community January.

If you’re an app developer, take the 10-minute survey for a chance at some  great prizes.  Prizes include an iPhone, a Galaxy S4, two Nokia Lumia 925 handsets, a $500 USD in-app advertising coupon, and some cool gadgets.

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