Win a $1,000,000 Hackathon Prize (I like spelling out the zeroes.)

Largest Single Hackathon Prize Ever

Our partner,, certainly knows how to get your attention. They certainly got mine! This is a really great opportunity for mobile app developers. (The runner-up prizes aren’t too shabby either.)

What is this? hosts a big annual uber-conference called Dreamforce. This year’s runs November 13-17 in San Francisco. As part of the conference, there’s a Developer Zone that focuses more on the technical side. If you have a bunch of developers together, you’re going to have a hackathon. The difference this time is that the prize is so amazing.

Of course, you have to be there in person (in San Francisco). Also, you need to get a Hacker’s Pass if you’re not already going to the conference. But, did I mention that 1st prize is 1 million dollars? 

How to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Simple. Use If you’re reading this, you’re probably already an user. If you aren’t already, you should sign up.

Here’s some of how you get a “leg up” in the contest by using

  • is a completely cloud-based platform with a visual development environment that significantly speeds up development.
  • is hackathon-tested, used successfully by many hackathon participants. Our Developer Evangelist, Max Katz, and the team have been to countless hackathons showing developers how to succeed with
  •’s team will be there to help you. We’re a Mega Sponsor of the Developer Zone this year. Also, our team has a lot of experience attending hackathons and providing a 24/7 in-person help desk for our users.
  • The Mobile Pack for launched recently by provides you with a lot of Salesforce integration right out of the box.

So, check the requirements, register your team, and hit the ground running (with on November 18th.