Gets Even Better

We recently updated in a number of ways, adding up to a big step forward for the platform. At the same time, RESTXpress, an important part of the overall mobile solution provided by, has been enhanced. We’ve discussed most of the improvements in in a previous blog post, so I’ll just provide a summary of these before moving on to a discussion of the changes in RESTXpress.

  • Instant Heroku publishing for apps in addition to the built-in HTML5 app hosting
  • Simplified platform UI including organization of the database page and access to backend services
  • Improved navigation between platform components and between app operations
  • One app type (can be used for mobile web app or hybrid app) to simplify development
  • Better access to devices via API through upgrading to PhoneGap version 2.9
  • Improved component options: new carousel component and updated HTML(/JavaScript/CSS) component
  • Increased speed for the whole platform
  • Improved collaboration allowing better tracking of collaboration activities on a project

What about RESTXpress? RESTXpress sits behind a firewall and provides enterprise business applications as REST services quickly and securely. Mobile apps created by can then easily consume these services generated by RESTXpress.

Now, RESTXpress has added SOAP web services to its list of  business application types for “REST-ifying.” Also, we’re excited to announce that RESTXpress has grown up at this point. It’s now out of beta and is commercially available on an annual subscription basis (with a 30-day free trial).