Addressing the Top 3 Issues with Enterprise Mobility Today

As a result of our conversations with our customers, we can tell that the biggest issues in enterprise mobility are:

  • Time to market
  • Backend integration
  • Security of mobile applications

Time to market is perhaps the number 1 issue.  Demand for new or updated mobile apps is outstripping the capacity and capabilities of the IT organization, creating a back up.   Competitive pressures, the launch of new products, the need to update existing applications and new platform releases all cause an increase is the demand for mobile apps. This is such a significant issue for businesses that many line of business executives are building their own mobile development teams or outsourcing the development projects.   We hear horror stories about outdated apps sitting in the app stores waiting to be updated.  Or about the need to port existing iOS apps to Android.   It’s a never ending process.

Backend integration has always been a challenge in enterprise development.   How do you integrate with all the legacy backend systems?  And with the advent of mobile and the cloud, integration can be even more complex.  Apps need to integrate not only to systems within the enterprise, but also services that are in the cloud, from enterprise SaaS systems to social networks.

Mobile security is critical for many enterprise applications especially given that phones can be easily lost or stolen.   To improve performance many apps leverage the locale storage on devices that could be easily compromised.   In addition, code that runs in the browser such as HTML5 and JavaScript is easily exposed to potential attackers who can then exploit the code’s vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, addresses these challenges well: was designed to accelerate mobile innovation in the enterprise.  It addresses the time to market concerns with:

  • A rapid development environment.  You can develop a complete app using drag and drop, but unlike alternative visual tools, gives you access to the code to give developers complete flexibility.
  • Cross platform support.  Because apps are based on HTML5 and JavaScript, they run across platforms.  There is no need to develop iOS and Android apps separately, which saves time and money.
  • Cloud based. is fast to adopt as there is nothing to download or install.   Just point your browser to the platform and start developing. simplifies backend integration with:

  • A catalog of prebuilt plugins for cloud services or enterprise systems such as
  • RESTXpress, software to securely integrate to enterprise systems behind the firewall, including any JDBC database or application that supports web services
  • Rapid integration to any REST API, using a visual interface that self learns new APIs in seconds. supports building secure mobile applications with:

  • MobileSafe – a feature that provides maximum security for mobile apps.  The app runs in a secure cache and integrates with a secure server, all with an unbreakable level of encryption (AES 256)
  • Both the data and the application code are secure when using MobileSafe. addresses the top 3 issues with enterprise mobility today.  It enables enterprises to innovate fast to meet aggressive time to market demands, simplifies the process of backend integration, and supports the deployment of highly secure applications.