September Release: New Projects and Dashboard Pages, HTML5 App Hosting In All Plans, Backend Services, and PhoneGap 2.0

We got some prety cool features and updates this week.

New Projects and Dashboard Pages

We got new Projects and Dashboard (old My Account) pages.

With the new Projects page, you got the list of projects and project details in one page. Project details are separated into different tabs — for easier navigation.

The new Dashboard page is informational dashboard into everything happening in, your plan information, and more:

HTML5 app hosting in all plans, plus Standard plan gets unlimited pages

HTML5 app hosting is now included in every plan. Yes, even in the Free plan. Plus, the Standard plan now has unlimited pages (up from 10). Backend Services Backend Services are out of beta. You can check out the features and pricing. We got a pretty nice Free plan so definitely check it out. As for new features, we are working on Push and Server-side code.

Last month we released app builder-database integration. You can view the video how fast it is to add a database to your app:

PhoneGap 2.0

We also upgraded to PhoneGap 2.0. All projects, old and new now get the new PhoneGap version 2.0.

Coming soon: new HTML5/JS builder beta

We have been working for the past couple of months on a really awesome new HTML5/JS builder. We are getting ready to launch the beta so you will be able to try it.

As always, we want to hear what you think:, forum, Twitter, Facebook.