Signing Up for the Mobile Apps Builder Beta Is Easy

Today, we’ll be having a briefing for our beta users of Mobile Apps Builder. Becoming a beta user and par­tic­i­pating in our com­mu­nity brief­ings is a great way to in­flu­ence and guide the de­vel­op­ment of a useful product and make it even more useful.

It’s easy to be­come a beta user. Here are three ways:

  1. If you don’t al­ready have a ac­count, you can sign up right from the home page using the button in this block:
  2. When you sign up for any Prototypes Builder plan and click on the ac­ti­va­tion link, you’ll be pre­sented this first time with a pop-​​up giving you an op­por­tu­nity to join the beta:
  3. If you al­ready have an ex­isting ac­count, you can be­come a beta user by going to My Account and clicking on the sign-​​up button:

You’ll have a “pending” status at first, but you should only have to wait a few hours be­fore you be­come activated.